Happy 3 month to my broken skull!!


I don’t know where I saw this….so it’s either on facebook, twitter, tumblr or someone else’s blog…so I’m really sorry for jacking your pic…but I really liked it 🙂

Such true rules to live by.


Today was extremely lazy… well because IRENE was in full effect up hurr in the north east (really wasn’t as serious as everyone thought it would be). However, since my accident left my skull broken and forming arthritis I have had a crappy headache (more than usual) for the past couple days and this morning was prob a 7 which it hasn’t been since I was sick.


BOO. By the way…. happy 3 month to my head!! Haha 3 months straight with a head ache, life changing things happening annnnd finally able to run. Things are looking up but still not what I would have thought my fall would be like 3 months ago…

My friend saved 2 baby squirrels this weekend (one already died 😦 ) but this one is Eli! And I got to play with it over the weekend…its tres adorbski.

I really enjoy this someecard…

So my mom asked me what I wanted for dinner before I leave tomorrow (even though I’ll be back frequently because of the job) but still traditions tradition, and well I said “protein pancakes” bahah so they had meatball subs…and I made blueberry protein pancakes.

1/3 cup new hope mills

1 mashed banana

handful of blueberries

1 tsp vanilla

1 scoop protein powder

1/4 ish cup water

NOMMM fav food…that and a turkey sandwhich.


Yeah this picture is scary, yeah I wore that out in public, YEAH THAT IS MY NEW IPHONE. Wuddup.

I’ll leave you with this eye candy (not me).

Marry. Me. Alcide.




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3 responses to “Happy 3 month to my broken skull!!

  1. blissfulbritt

    Mmmmm MAN CANDY! yayaya for your life turning around, slowly but surely. Pancakes for dinner sound like the best idea evuhh!

  2. Allie

    Sounds like my family.. They eat pep pizza and I have cereal LOO

  3. that is some major eye candy haha

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