Movingggg in chu know

Ladies and Gentlemen… I present to you all I packed to move into school….

A toaster oven and microwave…. (ps in these pics you will see my chucks bc I was live feeding these to my friend and twitter and felt that I needed to show my sexy shoes).

When I opened my door BAM welcome to the tiniest studio…this is essentially my whole apartment…with a tiny kitchen (meaning a stove and sink) and  a bathroom.

Hellllo couuuuuuch….

Da set uppp. Please note my “kitchen” to the left…

So that was Thursday…. Did lots of strength training this day (moving) because I live on the 3rd floor…

Yesterday I ran again YEAHHH BUDDY!!! And zhat is all. OH WAIT NAWWWT I BOUGHT AN IPHONE.

Amazing pictures to come… and massive blog stalking at all times to come…

Been watching D2 mighty ducks with @bco14 this morning… probs going to the state fair either this weekend or next weekend (the script is playing fo free next saturday!!)



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5 responses to “Movingggg in chu know

  1. Dude how were you watching D2??? I always find D3 on my movie channels but haven’t found the first or second one and I want to watch them so bad!

    Dang, tiny apartment! Why so small??

    • it’s a studio aka super cheap!!! i actually really like it (its just me living there too) . and i own the first 2 mighty ducks movies!! check out wal mart they have the double feature movie so its like 10 bucks for both!!

  2. Love the hardwood floors!

  3. YESSS iPhone love!! DL words with friends ASAP!! Your studio is mad cute.

  4. Nice studio apt 🙂 LOVE the hardwood flooring! I love the iPhone !

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