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 By fundraising for the American Cancer Society, I am helping raise awareness of cancer so that all of our families can enjoy a cancer-free future! 

Every bit helps, so thank you in advance for any support you can provide. Please let others know about this opportunity and encourage them to participate or make a donation too. All contributions are tax deductible and will support the lifesaving research, education, advocacy, and patient service programs of the American Cancer Society. 
Also, if you would like to dedicate your donation to specific cancer survivors or victims please let me know their initials and I will add them to my race shirt. 

If money is a trouble for you right now there is an easier way to help! 

My triathlon friend Jim Wilkes has encouraged one of his sponsors to help my fundraising efforts; however I need your help. During the next two weeks for every like on Jim’s Fan Page, his sponsor will make a donation in my efforts to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Go to his page hit like and tell everyone you know to do it as well!!!!!!!!
ps. Jim is insanely inspirational so it’s worth your time to check out his story!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jim-Wilkes/101175126630575

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Sweaty Sunday

Today I didn’t let my injury? Is that what I should call it? or my messed up brain/noggin? anyways- I didn’t let it get the best of me. I woke up knowing I wanted to do a 6 mile run today. I’ve been trying to build my mileage back up the smart way. Anyways I woke up with a normally bad head ache (going on 3 months and some change of non stop head aches), contributed from the lack of sleep because I just can’t sleep anymore, I toss and turn, and from being dehydrated. 

So I got antsy sitting around my house this morning and left for the gym at 9ish. (I am not cleared to run outside yet because they don’t want me getting stranded if it gets bad. If i stay on a treadmill as soon as the head aches get awful I can stop.) 

Todays 6 miler was a sweat but great one.  At mile 3 I was all “fudge this”, but then i said to myself do another 1/2 mile, so then at 3.5 I was like u can’t end on a half go to 4, at for i was like you’re an idiot go to 5, at 4.5 I knew I was def hitting 6. My headache was a 4 when I started and a 7 at least when I finished, I don’t think it has to do with the running though I think it has to do w the fact I’m freakin dehydrated like a beast


But I felt really good looking at the miles. I seriously have been playing it smart, not killing each run- just building and trying not to be a crazy psycho

Last night I went to the fair with some friend to see the Script concert!! They were really good and super sexxxiiii mmm love foreign accents 🙂 

And then headed out to my friends lake house to hang out for a bit where I met this gem!!

He looks evil here but was seriously the nicest greatest dog!! I can’t wait til I have my own apartment (not when I’m at school) and I can buy  a dog alll for myself haha I will be a dog lady NOT a cat lady for sure. 


Game plan for the rest of the day?? RELAXING AND DOING HOMEWORK

Oh and I’m thinking catching up on all the tv I’ve missed since I’m being thrifty…


Q- Who else is ready for fall?? I’m so sick of the heat and I really want to just wear jeans and a hoodie allll the time!! oh and drink pumpkin coffee and watch abc family movies 


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Senior year, but I’m senior citizen status…

Today started like this…

My hand this morning said “you know what you have to do-now DO IT”. Just another kick to myself to go running this a.m

(um yes i have this multiples of this single shirt i’m not that grimey, i just rotate them, and i do laundry practically every day now because i’m home so much :D)

And then I went to work…. and played with instagram on my phone once i got home…

Then this evening I hung out with my cousins and fam….


Oh and I saw this on my dash…SO TRUE.

Now I’m tired and I’m going to bed hahaha long hair don’t care that it’s not even 10 on a Friday…

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Sooooo there I feel like saving money  (because I’m a poor college student) and I thought “oh yah you don’t need cable or internet at your apartment”, I figure I can do my home work at the library and then when I’m at my apartment I’ll do productive things like more homework or reading… So far so good…but lack of posting has occurred…I’ll have to plan when I post when I go to the library!


Paleo is getting LEGIT and REAL and I’ve been I’d say 85% on it. Today my one non paleo thing was I had 5 tortilla chips in gauc…and half a cup cake from my grandma’s birthday party but that was all!

Here is my breakfast, it was left overs from dinner last night but I tossed an egg on it!

Ground beef, with zucchini and squash and I threw an ORGANIC EGG <– this was the first time I’ve ever had one. Holy crap look how white it is!! And it tasted better- dead serious. I’ve now converted.


Save money on internet, buy expensive eggs. Good plan…

Sooo yesterday on my way back to school my car overheated andddddd anyways so I quickly googled “how to fix an overheating car” and it told me to pop the hood, let it cool down then drive to a garage ASAP…. sooo as I was annoyed and going to my hood I accidently slammed the car door shut on my calf hahah this picture does not do it justice at all…it is swollen and bruised now hahah…whoops…

Despite the car problems I was only 5 minutes late to class- WINNING

I just wanted to show off my amazingly comfortable couch…ultimate nap-pad.


Uhh this is just a funny picture from my grandma’s house tonight…that is my lil step cousin thing? i dont know what she is haha my uncles wifes granddaughter she hooked the dog leash to her babys head hahahahahahah interesting…





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Back to school back to school…oh wait what?

My oh shoot I should be at school right now face haha…and my I really don’t want to go back but I’m going to face…


Why am I a freak that doesn’t like college?? It doesn’t help that this internship has given me a taste of the real world and made me realize even more so that I 1) don’t want to do anything with my major and 2) am so sick of day in day out classes, I just want to graduate and get working!!!


So the start of the crazy commuting and appointments (well thats not starting…that’s continuing…) begins now! I’m on my way back to school/ my apartment and I start classes tomorrow!

Today was actually a pretty great freakin’ day, despite an increasingly worst head ache (don’t worry I see the dr.s again wednesday and I’m going to tell them whats up). I woke up early went to work then came home- still feeling good not all sluggish and tired- and immediately hit up the j-sizzle.


I RAN 5 miles!!!!!! This is the longest post skull-f*ckery (other than one 7 mile run which prob wasn’t smart of me so soon after the injury…but c’est la vie). So a solid 5 miles, about 42ish minutes. Mucho slower than in the past but this is a NEW start and a NEW training business.

Finished off with 15 minutes of elliptical and then abs and arms! I felt pretty freakin good today.


On top of it all my noms were mucho paleo-esque!


2 eggs, 2 whites, 2oz ham  and a banana

Snack: apple and almonds

Lunch: 4oz chicken, ate a tomato (like an apple LOLzzzzz), orange

Snack: Banana <–  I eat too many banana’s…. I can’t help it I was hungry post work out

Dinner: Spinach+Romain lettuce, avocado, fish, peppers+onion (sauteed) and salsa


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Happy 3 month to my broken skull!!


I don’t know where I saw this….so it’s either on facebook, twitter, tumblr or someone else’s blog…so I’m really sorry for jacking your pic…but I really liked it 🙂

Such true rules to live by.


Today was extremely lazy… well because IRENE was in full effect up hurr in the north east (really wasn’t as serious as everyone thought it would be). However, since my accident left my skull broken and forming arthritis I have had a crappy headache (more than usual) for the past couple days and this morning was prob a 7 which it hasn’t been since I was sick.


BOO. By the way…. happy 3 month to my head!! Haha 3 months straight with a head ache, life changing things happening annnnd finally able to run. Things are looking up but still not what I would have thought my fall would be like 3 months ago…

My friend saved 2 baby squirrels this weekend (one already died 😦 ) but this one is Eli! And I got to play with it over the weekend…its tres adorbski.

I really enjoy this someecard…

So my mom asked me what I wanted for dinner before I leave tomorrow (even though I’ll be back frequently because of the job) but still traditions tradition, and well I said “protein pancakes” bahah so they had meatball subs…and I made blueberry protein pancakes.

1/3 cup new hope mills

1 mashed banana

handful of blueberries

1 tsp vanilla

1 scoop protein powder

1/4 ish cup water

NOMMM fav food…that and a turkey sandwhich.


Yeah this picture is scary, yeah I wore that out in public, YEAH THAT IS MY NEW IPHONE. Wuddup.

I’ll leave you with this eye candy (not me).

Marry. Me. Alcide.



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Movingggg in chu know

Ladies and Gentlemen… I present to you all I packed to move into school….

A toaster oven and microwave…. (ps in these pics you will see my chucks bc I was live feeding these to my friend and twitter and felt that I needed to show my sexy shoes).

When I opened my door BAM welcome to the tiniest studio…this is essentially my whole apartment…with a tiny kitchen (meaning a stove and sink) and  a bathroom.

Hellllo couuuuuuch….

Da set uppp. Please note my “kitchen” to the left…

So that was Thursday…. Did lots of strength training this day (moving) because I live on the 3rd floor…

Yesterday I ran again YEAHHH BUDDY!!! And zhat is all. OH WAIT NAWWWT I BOUGHT AN IPHONE.

Amazing pictures to come… and massive blog stalking at all times to come…

Been watching D2 mighty ducks with @bco14 this morning… probs going to the state fair either this weekend or next weekend (the script is playing fo free next saturday!!)


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Bummm daaa dum dummm

Yes I recognize that my chest is a different color than my face….. I had to work late again today so I had to go from office right to the gym (I felt adult and bad ass <— Yeah it felt real).

Ps. getting an IPHONE FRIDAY 😀

I’m also moving into my new apartment tomorrow…then turning around and coming home…aka the start of my commuter year hahah I’m actually really excited.

I RAN TODAY YAH YEAH YEAHHHH!!!!!! Best song of the run today =

4 mile run or 30 minute run felt great. I did squats yesterday though and def felt it the whole run whoopsssieepooopsss

Enjoy your hump day.

FYI If you had ever emailed my gmail account I sent you a spotify request today and anyone else who wants to get on that holler at me because I can give you the hook up!


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I just had to share this picture. I follow @nomorebacon on twitter and he posted this picture yesterday. There is something about it that just makes me feel so spiritual and at ease. It’s currently my cell phone background and laptop background….

Since I got sent home sick yesterday from work I had to go in today and make up for all the calls/emails I missed yesterday (boo) but it wasn’t too bad. My voice is still manly and I def don’t feel 100% yet. On top of this cold/sickness thang it has made me get a ridiculously small amount of sleep. No sleep = worst headaches. Let’s just say I’ve been miserable haha

We had an earthquake here today!! I was a bit confused and thought I was just crazy…but then I went on facebook and everyones status’ were about it.

Went to the gym and did an hour elliptical- it felt good to move even though I still feel wicked crappy. Came home and grilled some chicken, zuchinni and squash! With Skim chocolate milk and water. Nice weather+back deck= Awesomesauce


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I can’t stop

Today’s lesson folks, is in not believing the things you see on the internet….Yes these models are gorgeous, but lets take a lil look at the ridiculous photoshopping done on the right girl….

Yup- that doesn’t look right to me….

Went to wegmans and thought the world was about to end…

Thank god they had the massive container of vanilla still…

So I get this text from my mom tonight (she’s out to dinner with my dad for their anniversary)

This is such a proud moment…


(At Colline and Dave’s Wedding- July 2011)

Oh and listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q9rewnLFYw


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