Back to school back to school…oh wait what?

My oh shoot I should be at school right now face haha…and my I really don’t want to go back but I’m going to face…


Why am I a freak that doesn’t like college?? It doesn’t help that this internship has given me a taste of the real world and made me realize even more so that I 1) don’t want to do anything with my major and 2) am so sick of day in day out classes, I just want to graduate and get working!!!


So the start of the crazy commuting and appointments (well thats not starting…that’s continuing…) begins now! I’m on my way back to school/ my apartment and I start classes tomorrow!

Today was actually a pretty great freakin’ day, despite an increasingly worst head ache (don’t worry I see the dr.s again wednesday and I’m going to tell them whats up). I woke up early went to work then came home- still feeling good not all sluggish and tired- and immediately hit up the j-sizzle.


I RAN 5 miles!!!!!! This is the longest post skull-f*ckery (other than one 7 mile run which prob wasn’t smart of me so soon after the injury…but c’est la vie). So a solid 5 miles, about 42ish minutes. Mucho slower than in the past but this is a NEW start and a NEW training business.

Finished off with 15 minutes of elliptical and then abs and arms! I felt pretty freakin good today.


On top of it all my noms were mucho paleo-esque!


2 eggs, 2 whites, 2oz ham  and a banana

Snack: apple and almonds

Lunch: 4oz chicken, ate a tomato (like an apple LOLzzzzz), orange

Snack: Banana <–  I eat too many banana’s…. I can’t help it I was hungry post work out

Dinner: Spinach+Romain lettuce, avocado, fish, peppers+onion (sauteed) and salsa



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2 responses to “Back to school back to school…oh wait what?

  1. Allie

    Yay for your noggin feeling good enough to run 5 miles!!!

  2. yea!!!! back to runnning!!

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