Bummm daaa dum dummm

Yes I recognize that my chest is a different color than my face….. I had to work late again today so I had to go from office right to the gym (I felt adult and bad ass <— Yeah it felt real).

Ps. getting an IPHONE FRIDAY 😀

I’m also moving into my new apartment tomorrow…then turning around and coming home…aka the start of my commuter year hahah I’m actually really excited.

I RAN TODAY YAH YEAH YEAHHHH!!!!!! Best song of the run today =

4 mile run or 30 minute run felt great. I did squats yesterday though and def felt it the whole run whoopsssieepooopsss

Enjoy your hump day.

FYI If you had ever emailed my gmail account I sent you a spotify request today and anyone else who wants to get on that holler at me because I can give you the hook up!



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I just had to share this picture. I follow @nomorebacon on twitter and he posted this picture yesterday. There is something about it that just makes me feel so spiritual and at ease. It’s currently my cell phone background and laptop background….

Since I got sent home sick yesterday from work I had to go in today and make up for all the calls/emails I missed yesterday (boo) but it wasn’t too bad. My voice is still manly and I def don’t feel 100% yet. On top of this cold/sickness thang it has made me get a ridiculously small amount of sleep. No sleep = worst headaches. Let’s just say I’ve been miserable haha

We had an earthquake here today!! I was a bit confused and thought I was just crazy…but then I went on facebook and everyones status’ were about it.

Went to the gym and did an hour elliptical- it felt good to move even though I still feel wicked crappy. Came home and grilled some chicken, zuchinni and squash! With Skim chocolate milk and water. Nice weather+back deck= Awesomesauce


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I can’t stop

Today’s lesson folks, is in not believing the things you see on the internet….Yes these models are gorgeous, but lets take a lil look at the ridiculous photoshopping done on the right girl….

Yup- that doesn’t look right to me….

Went to wegmans and thought the world was about to end…

Thank god they had the massive container of vanilla still…

So I get this text from my mom tonight (she’s out to dinner with my dad for their anniversary)

This is such a proud moment…


(At Colline and Dave’s Wedding- July 2011)

Oh and listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q9rewnLFYw


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I want to ride my bicycle, *bicycleee*

This is my favorite thing about ice coffee. I love when I put my soy milk in that it makes this super awesome design.

So I got a fb inbox yesterday from a friend about this thing called Tough Mudder

He and a bunch of other of his friends have signed up and made a group and asked if I wanted in…. Naturally after looking over this 12 mile ridiculous course I dished up some moolaaah andddd signed up for me.

HARD CORE. I’m thinking it’s going to be harder than the marathon…

My morning started off like dis. Lil bike action (think of me saying it as “Act-she-on”…because thats how i said it when i typed it…)

It then led to dissss (3.3 milessssssssss)

I wrote about this on my daily mile account I am cleared to run no more one dr saying yes one saying no- Also I started PT yesterday <— weird pt for a brain I KNOW but it’s a whole ish because of the brain damage and that lead to muscle strains in my eye and balance issues I guess. Shambles.

Yea side note- that is my Buffalo Marathon Training shirt…that I never ran the marathon because I was an idiot an trained to soon after Ottawa because I thought I was superwoman…

Whomp lil bloody ankle- which is odd because I’ve had these shoes forever soooo I dunno chu know?


Random fact: I have been listening to Queens Greatest Hits all morning


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Please clean my room. I’ll pay you…

Yes- this is how messy my room is. Yes I am ashamed. Yes I don’t work tomorrow so I will be cleaning it asap….


Today, I was straight up EXHAUSTED after work. I was home by 1:45 and was finished eating lunch by 2…yet I sat at my kitchen table until 4:45 just blog stalking and listening to SPOTIFY! (fb friend me…spotify friend me…) and then finally went to change out of my work clothes and into gym clothes…

But then sat at my laptop taking pictures and leaving videos for ppl on fb…. finally at 5 I left…

4 mile run, then elliptical then ended with absssssssssssss o steel and push ups.

Yes that is sweat. Yes I am disgusting.


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Pig roast are sexy

True life: I have very little fashion sense/shame. This is totally what I wore to the gym today…That’s my “WUDDUP DOE” face. Gym ish today- 3.5 miles, elliptical action (finished the paleo book), PUSH UPS TO THE MAX BRAH

This weekend was my families fake reunion. We usually have it around the 4th of July and everyone from allll over comes in, for some reason this year we had it in August..

Anyways it was a great sunny day on the farm and it was suppper relaxing…plus there was a pig roast… which was awesome. And my great uncle ripped the head off and was holding it as a trophy sooo weird but soooo funny.

My uncle and some cherubs…lil kanjam action too


Today I ate all paleo! Again woo! This is day 3 of all paleo so I’m stoked and I’m still doing weight watchers (sorta, I’m tracking but I’m seeing I’m way low in points…soo obviously I shouldn’t do both… I don’t know yet..)

I am about to join rizzo on the couch and watch mad amounts of true blood, followed by even more amounts of curb. GOOD NIGHT ALL 😉



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Learning new ways

Hai buddies!

Can I just say I love blogging. It has brought me so much closer to people I never knew I’d be close to. By dishing it all and being honest I’ve learned that people are more open and trusting with me. Anyways, last night I went out to dinner with my friend Maggie (HEY MAGGIE!!!). I graduated with her brother and she’s a class older than me but we were never friends in high school. It actually wasn’t until yesterday that we ever hung out or even met I think. (Funny because I’ve been to her house a whole butt load of times).

Maggie is a blog connoisseur for sure. She reads them, appreciates them, understands them. She (from what I can imagine) is a great cook too because she appreciates the time and art of cooking. So naturally through facebook, twitter, and blogs Maggie and I realized we are similar in some ways (um not the cooking way…).

So yesterday Maggie and I went to Moes (I’m over my moe’s obsession by the way, I realized how bland it was yesterday… I need some good mexican in my life before I go insane) for dinner. I think we sat there for another 2 hours after we ate just talking. It was insane. She (and from reading this you will now know this maggie!) completely helped me in ways she probably didn’t (or did) know. She has found such a balance between exercising and food and the whole battle with “healthy eating” and the misconceptions that it can make in a person. She through just 2 hours of talking with me made me realize that I need to appreciate more out of life, food, and my body. She has come a long way for herself and I envy her for that (jk 🙂 I’m so happy for her!!). I wish she had a blog so I could tell you all to go follow her but she sadly is a behind the scenes kinda girl.

Beyond all of Maggie’s greatness she has also introduced me to Preztel Logic at our local ice cream shop. Let’s just say the second I have this ice cream I’ll give you all the address for the shop and we can all go and eat it together because it’s about to me amazeballs.

Moral of today’s story- Find that balance. Live for yourself, not for a size not for a #. Enjoy the foods that you eat. Don’t live your day to day life filling your meals with near 0 calorie foods so that you can eat the most of that with the least amount of calories for the day. I used to be such a Hungry Girl fan- but I (and Maggie has too) come to realize she fakes too much. Why fake an ice cream sandwich by having rice cakes and coolwhip? Budget your day so you can have a real ice cream sandwich if that is what you want. MODERATION PEOPLE, one won’t make you fat. I know easier said than done, but I’m trying- and if you filed under this, you should try too! Appreciating a more delicious meal, even if it’s smaller- over a hefty faked out low calorie meal with little taste is what I am trying to change myself into.


Had my dr’s appointment with the concussion clinic thursday…and great news from them!

For starters I am not crazy!! The depression/ mood swings/ anger is from the brain injury! So they set me up with a sports therapist there. As for the head aches, those are still no bueno BUT I’m seeing this dr. again monthly to learn tricks and be able to manage them. Also I’m going to start seeing a PT at this clinic so they can get me back into running and doing high impact exercise- for now I’m told to take it easy and what not but that they will help me find ways to do the things I love and tolerate the head ache and know when to stop.

Also got some medicine to help with the head aches and sleeping!











As for the rest of stuff I’ve been doing…..bought that fancy gold watch with my corporate money ;), bought some TOMS to look hip, and saw a bear in fayetteville…NBD
Q- WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING??? (note I HAVE been blogging, just over at http://www.skinnyforme.tumblr.com) I PROMISE ILL START DOING MORE HERE


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