Sweaty Sunday

Today I didn’t let my injury? Is that what I should call it? or my messed up brain/noggin? anyways- I didn’t let it get the best of me. I woke up knowing I wanted to do a 6 mile run today. I’ve been trying to build my mileage back up the smart way. Anyways I woke up with a normally bad head ache (going on 3 months and some change of non stop head aches), contributed from the lack of sleep because I just can’t sleep anymore, I toss and turn, and from being dehydrated. 

So I got antsy sitting around my house this morning and left for the gym at 9ish. (I am not cleared to run outside yet because they don’t want me getting stranded if it gets bad. If i stay on a treadmill as soon as the head aches get awful I can stop.) 

Todays 6 miler was a sweat but great one.  At mile 3 I was all “fudge this”, but then i said to myself do another 1/2 mile, so then at 3.5 I was like u can’t end on a half go to 4, at for i was like you’re an idiot go to 5, at 4.5 I knew I was def hitting 6. My headache was a 4 when I started and a 7 at least when I finished, I don’t think it has to do with the running though I think it has to do w the fact I’m freakin dehydrated like a beast


But I felt really good looking at the miles. I seriously have been playing it smart, not killing each run- just building and trying not to be a crazy psycho

Last night I went to the fair with some friend to see the Script concert!! They were really good and super sexxxiiii mmm love foreign accents 🙂 

And then headed out to my friends lake house to hang out for a bit where I met this gem!!

He looks evil here but was seriously the nicest greatest dog!! I can’t wait til I have my own apartment (not when I’m at school) and I can buy  a dog alll for myself haha I will be a dog lady NOT a cat lady for sure. 


Game plan for the rest of the day?? RELAXING AND DOING HOMEWORK

Oh and I’m thinking catching up on all the tv I’ve missed since I’m being thrifty…


Q- Who else is ready for fall?? I’m so sick of the heat and I really want to just wear jeans and a hoodie allll the time!! oh and drink pumpkin coffee and watch abc family movies 



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4 responses to “Sweaty Sunday

  1. AntosDoesLife

    Holla…I’m ready for fall!!!

  2. I love love loveee the script! Seriously..so good. Great runs..you are making me want to run sooo bad! I could handle some leaves changing indicating it’s fall, however in Washington it’s been abnormally cold this summer so I don’t feel like we had much of a summer.

  3. I’m ready for fall! I love wearing jeans and hoodies + flip flops haha! I love it when it’s cool enough to not look like a freak wearing jeans and hoodies but not cold enough that the tootsies freeze.

    I’m not into coffee (sadly) but I’m definitely into the fall candle scents from Yankee Candle. Currently I’m burning Pumpkin Buttercream mmmm!

  4. im ready for fall! cant wait to wear a hoodie with shorts (thats how we do it here in st louis haha)

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