Sooooo there I feel like saving money  (because I’m a poor college student) and I thought “oh yah you don’t need cable or internet at your apartment”, I figure I can do my home work at the library and then when I’m at my apartment I’ll do productive things like more homework or reading… So far so good…but lack of posting has occurred…I’ll have to plan when I post when I go to the library!


Paleo is getting LEGIT and REAL and I’ve been I’d say 85% on it. Today my one non paleo thing was I had 5 tortilla chips in gauc…and half a cup cake from my grandma’s birthday party but that was all!

Here is my breakfast, it was left overs from dinner last night but I tossed an egg on it!

Ground beef, with zucchini and squash and I threw an ORGANIC EGG <– this was the first time I’ve ever had one. Holy crap look how white it is!! And it tasted better- dead serious. I’ve now converted.


Save money on internet, buy expensive eggs. Good plan…

Sooo yesterday on my way back to school my car overheated andddddd anyways so I quickly googled “how to fix an overheating car” and it told me to pop the hood, let it cool down then drive to a garage ASAP…. sooo as I was annoyed and going to my hood I accidently slammed the car door shut on my calf hahah this picture does not do it justice at all…it is swollen and bruised now hahah…whoops…

Despite the car problems I was only 5 minutes late to class- WINNING

I just wanted to show off my amazingly comfortable couch…ultimate nap-pad.


Uhh this is just a funny picture from my grandma’s house tonight…that is my lil step cousin thing? i dont know what she is haha my uncles wifes granddaughter she hooked the dog leash to her babys head hahahahahahah interesting…






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4 responses to “BEAT WAKE!!!

  1. Allie

    Yay for organic eggs!!! They really really do taste better 🙂

  2. At least you aren’t spending money on both internet and organic eggs.

    I don’t get to see any of the sweet pictures while I’m at work 😦 I’ll have to check back later from home.

  3. blissfulbritt

    HAHAHA step cousin thing! Your plate of beefy veggie goodess looks nomtastic! Damn cars and their problems!

  4. man that couch looks like an awesome place for a nap- jealous!

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