Bummm daaa dum dummm

Yes I recognize that my chest is a different color than my face….. I had to work late again today so I had to go from office right to the gym (I felt adult and bad ass <— Yeah it felt real).

Ps. getting an IPHONE FRIDAY 😀

I’m also moving into my new apartment tomorrow…then turning around and coming home…aka the start of my commuter year hahah I’m actually really excited.

I RAN TODAY YAH YEAH YEAHHHH!!!!!! Best song of the run today =

4 mile run or 30 minute run felt great. I did squats yesterday though and def felt it the whole run whoopsssieepooopsss

Enjoy your hump day.

FYI If you had ever emailed my gmail account I sent you a spotify request today and anyone else who wants to get on that holler at me because I can give you the hook up!



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2 responses to “Bummm daaa dum dummm

  1. Allie

    Aww you look so adult like!!

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