I just had to share this picture. I follow @nomorebacon on twitter and he posted this picture yesterday. There is something about it that just makes me feel so spiritual and at ease. It’s currently my cell phone background and laptop background….

Since I got sent home sick yesterday from work I had to go in today and make up for all the calls/emails I missed yesterday (boo) but it wasn’t too bad. My voice is still manly and I def don’t feel 100% yet. On top of this cold/sickness thang it has made me get a ridiculously small amount of sleep. No sleep = worst headaches. Let’s just say I’ve been miserable haha

We had an earthquake here today!! I was a bit confused and thought I was just crazy…but then I went on facebook and everyones status’ were about it.

Went to the gym and did an hour elliptical- it felt good to move even though I still feel wicked crappy. Came home and grilled some chicken, zuchinni and squash! With Skim chocolate milk and water. Nice weather+back deck= Awesomesauce



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2 responses to “heaven.

  1. Allie

    I hope you start to feel better soooooon!!! Yummy food 🙂 I love the picture too!

  2. I would looovee to sit out there for EVERY meal.

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