I want to ride my bicycle, *bicycleee*

This is my favorite thing about ice coffee. I love when I put my soy milk in that it makes this super awesome design.

So I got a fb inbox yesterday from a friend about this thing called Tough Mudder

He and a bunch of other of his friends have signed up and made a group and asked if I wanted in…. Naturally after looking over this 12 mile ridiculous course I dished up some moolaaah andddd signed up for me.

HARD CORE. I’m thinking it’s going to be harder than the marathon…

My morning started off like dis. Lil bike action (think of me saying it as “Act-she-on”…because thats how i said it when i typed it…)

It then led to dissss (3.3 milessssssssss)

I wrote about this on my daily mile account I am cleared to run no more one dr saying yes one saying no- Also I started PT yesterday <— weird pt for a brain I KNOW but it’s a whole ish because of the brain damage and that lead to muscle strains in my eye and balance issues I guess. Shambles.

Yea side note- that is my Buffalo Marathon Training shirt…that I never ran the marathon because I was an idiot an trained to soon after Ottawa because I thought I was superwoman…

Whomp lil bloody ankle- which is odd because I’ve had these shoes forever soooo I dunno chu know?


Random fact: I have been listening to Queens Greatest Hits all morning



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2 responses to “I want to ride my bicycle, *bicycleee*

  1. Wahhh. I always read your tumblr but I’ll comment here to switch it up. I have the newest addiction to iced coffee and fraps and god help me. Anywho. I miss you!

  2. Iced coffee designs!!! Those are the best!! 🙂

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