Please clean my room. I’ll pay you…

Yes- this is how messy my room is. Yes I am ashamed. Yes I don’t work tomorrow so I will be cleaning it asap….


Today, I was straight up EXHAUSTED after work. I was home by 1:45 and was finished eating lunch by 2…yet I sat at my kitchen table until 4:45 just blog stalking and listening to SPOTIFY! (fb friend me…spotify friend me…) and then finally went to change out of my work clothes and into gym clothes…

But then sat at my laptop taking pictures and leaving videos for ppl on fb…. finally at 5 I left…

4 mile run, then elliptical then ended with absssssssssssss o steel and push ups.

Yes that is sweat. Yes I am disgusting.



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4 responses to “Please clean my room. I’ll pay you…

  1. Haha nice messy room ;p !!!

  2. Athena's_Daughter

    wow. great workout!!!

  3. bekizenith

    Mine looks like that 😛 But to my credit, I am in the middle of packing to move house, so I guess that’s me slightly off the hook?

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