Pig roast are sexy

True life: I have very little fashion sense/shame. This is totally what I wore to the gym today…That’s my “WUDDUP DOE” face. Gym ish today- 3.5 miles, elliptical action (finished the paleo book), PUSH UPS TO THE MAX BRAH

This weekend was my families fake reunion. We usually have it around the 4th of July and everyone from allll over comes in, for some reason this year we had it in August..

Anyways it was a great sunny day on the farm and it was suppper relaxing…plus there was a pig roast… which was awesome. And my great uncle ripped the head off and was holding it as a trophy sooo weird but soooo funny.

My uncle and some cherubs…lil kanjam action too


Today I ate all paleo! Again woo! This is day 3 of all paleo so I’m stoked and I’m still doing weight watchers (sorta, I’m tracking but I’m seeing I’m way low in points…soo obviously I shouldn’t do both… I don’t know yet..)

I am about to join rizzo on the couch and watch mad amounts of true blood, followed by even more amounts of curb. GOOD NIGHT ALL 😉




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3 responses to “Pig roast are sexy

  1. Glad you had a great time at the reunion!

  2. I can’t lie, that pig roast scared me a bit. Hahaha. Glad you all enjoyed it though! I totally rock weird ass clothes to the gym too..no shame!

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