Hi I’m Cait…Long time no talk eh?

Hi my name is Cait

And this is what I look like if you forgot…

Because honestly it feels like it’s been awhile guys….my bad.

In the past week (or more I don’t know when I last blogged 😦 ), I have had another CT scan and now I have an appointment with the surgeon tuesday and an appointment with the concussion clinic thursday as well as a general neuro something on monday. Seriously sick of dr’s offices.

I have been biking and ellipiticalling <– new word? I haven’t been running. 😦 My head has been hurting, and I am seriously worried that me running is making it worst. So until I find out Tuesday what is going on in my noggin- I’m keeping the running to a minimum.

Updates on other life events.

I have accepted the internship for the rest of the year, switched my class schedule to 3 days a week of classes and I will now be traveling home thursdays after class and returning for class on tuesday so I can work Monday and Friday and then spend the weekend either here or my friends schools. Seriously I have issues- I know this… whateverrr

Dooot Ta Doooo

Mama bear and I went to the gym (obviously) and ellipticalled and then I met up with her upstairs to walk the track after. I even made her do abs BAHAH she told me “I had a c-section I can’t do that” I then told her to suck it up and many women who have had babies do more hard core things than sit ups…she cracks me up.. love her.


Last night I went to PERDITION. Perdition is the dance club in my favorite classy bar downtown haha

Na-night meggy 😉 I (obviously) was driving last night and as we were driving home my friend meg (who got a lil too nutty last night) passsedd ze eff out in mah car. Wicked funny. Had to bust her balls.

my blog chu know?

I won’t pretend like I’m more mature than my age, or that I am any better than anyone else. But I will say I have had more experiences in my past 3 years than more 21 year olds have. I have learned things that place me among a category of few. I struggle with both weight gains and restricting myself. I battle day in and day out on not over exercising. On top of this I now battle with knowing when I should and shouldn’t work out due to my head injury. I went from enjoying life a little too much (way too much booze, promiscuousness, and drugs- aka my high school+freshmen year of college) to being way to hermit-esque to now finding that I can enjoy 1 drink and respect myself and body. I am finding that healthy, happy balance while trying to eliminate guilt.

I think I’m doing a relatively good job. Right after the accident, when I couldn’t work out for about 2 weeks I realized something. I didn’t gain a single freakin’ pound. I ate what I wanted and when I wanted, I would walk or something but nothing extreme…and I didn’t gain a pound. I really think that it helped showed me that I don’t need to kill myself every work out and every morsel of food I put in my mouth.

Moderation really is the key. Everything in moderation. I have an obsessive personality. I purposefully don’t watch TV shows that are popular when they are on tv because I like to watch a full season at once, I like obsessing and watching 3 episodes in a row… I can’t handle waiting week by week. (Aka right now with Mad Men…and Curb Your Enthusiasm) But for most things I am trying to be more relaxed about it. I desperately (and am trying) to be the girl that doesn’t eat everything on her plate because she feels like she has to. I am trying to stop when I realize I don’t want anymore.

Since this is my blog, which I obviously have made not so much a running/ weight loss blog and more a holy crap this is my life, blog- I will talk about my latest worry.

I’m worried my CT is going to come back bad. I’m also worried it will come back normal. WHAT? Yeah… I am. If it comes back bad- that means surgery or something. If it comes back normal- that means things are fine, but then that doesn’t answer why it is day 43 of a head ache and  pains in the location of the break. So Tuesday…YOU’D BE NICE IF YOU CAME FASTER.

^^Ps. Why does this seem to be my life right now?? SMH (shaking my head) my love life is in shambles.

PPS. I’m going to get back to being a better blogger. Food and work out noms aside- I miss this.



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7 responses to “Hi I’m Cait…Long time no talk eh?

  1. I hope you get a clear diagnosis Tuesday so you can continue to focus on your recovery. Make sure to ask tons of questions and don’t doubt your gut if you don’t like answers, you can always follow up with other doctors if needed. Fingers crossed for Tues!

  2. Hi there 🙂 missed you a ton!! I hope your head aches go away.. Tuesday will be here before ya know it!!

  3. Yay! Glad to see you on my google reader again 🙂

  4. Gosh, I really hope the best for you and your noggin there.

  5. OH MY GOD I AM THE SAME WAY. I AM SO OBSESSIVE. Like if theres something I like to eat, I eat it every freaking snack meal what have you. And that is why I only watch shows on Hulu — so I can watch all of them one after the other 🙂 We are SOULMATES and I can’t wait to see you like all the time in surrrrcuse!!! p.s. I MOVE IN THE 25TH!!!!

    • I love that we are soul mates!! AND I LOVE EVEN MORE THAT YOU ARE COMING TO CUSE SO SOOON!!!!!! I will be here the 25th I’m so freakin excited!!! I move up the 29th, and I’ll be back legit every weekend…omgomgomgomg im gunna fb u later girl

  6. You think YOU miss this…I miss YOU like WHOA!!!! I am sosoo glad that you are noticing that even after not doing the normal workouts your used to, that you aren’t “gaining” anything. That is something that is reassuring for me too. I have noticed that as well. It’s all about stopping when you’re full (common Brittany, easier said than done. haha) GOOD luck with your CT scan..stay positive and I will keep you in my thoughts!! I freakking love your new outlook on life too, I can relate to literally everything you said..funny how growing up works eh?

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