This chicccck

Yo yo- sorry I actually haven’t been avoiding writing since the other day- You all were so super supportive and I love all your messages you all rock my world 😉 and I will be emailing/ messaging you all back ASAP!!!!!

Now onto the GOODs-

I was checking my daily mile account thursday morning and realized “wow I’m 7 miles away from 1,000 miles ran since I started logging last august!!” So naturally I pushed myself and ran 7 miles on thursday…after I had done a 16 mile bike ride that morning…whoops whatever it was great and I haven’t been so happy/ felt accomplished in forever.

 <——- 1,000 THAT IS SO AWESOME. and What is more awesome sauce-ums is that I started running 2 febs ago soooo in reality I’ve done much more than 1000 miles!!! Yahhooo

Now onto the bad-

My head aches have gotten worst… and they either are dull during the day then get really bad or they are just bad all day. This freaks me out. BAD. I thought maybe it was because of the massive heat wave we are having but at this point I’m starting to worry it means that my bones aren’t healing how we want them to. This being said I’ve tried calling the post concussion clinic, and my two different neurosurgeons and still no answer, but thats is my bad because its 4 on a friday…. either way- I’m freaking out a little. Its 26 days now of a head ache #sweetlife

Lets end this with a happy note-

I got this bag today for 8 doll-hairs and I will be rocking it this fall. wuddup.

Oh also my dog is adorable.

and I read this  and now I eat 1 brazil nut a day.



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4 responses to “This chicccck

  1. proudpatriot07

    I hope your headaches get better soon and that everything is healing okay. It’s still awesome that you’re able to run and cycle this soon after the injury, or that you do at all because so many people would just use it as a reason to give up and you’re not :). I like the new purse!


  2. I totally love that through all of this, you are not giving up.

  3. Awesome job on the mileage!!!

  4. Amy @ countrystrong21

    I hope everything turns out OK with your melon full of smart juice! 😉

    Give us an update when you have time after you’ve talked to your McDreamys (not so much? lol).

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