Weddings, skulls and new beginnings

Thursday I ended up leaving with my parents to drive down to Massachusetts for the wedding a day earlier and got to see my grandparents and take my time on the drive. We stopped a bunch and I mainly slept. However I learned a couple things that I can no longer do (or for the time being).

  • wear sunglasses (the sides hurt my head too much)
  • listen to head phones (or music loudly)
  • chew gum

So Friday afternoon  we got in the car and dropped me off at the hotel about an hour away for the rehearsal dinner.

Megan, Brittany, Keely and I Friday night before dinner.

Then Saturday morning we woke up wicked early and immediately started getting out hair done and had to get ready. Here’s just one picture with Jay and Meg.

It was really hard to get my hair done, they had to switch my hairstyle and do a loose braid on the hurt side, then pony tail it and curly it low on the other side so there wasn’t too much pressure. It worked out perfectly.

Today will be spent doing a couple things, sleeping (the nurse at the surgeons office said this is the #1 way for me to get back and healed fastest), laying outside, hanging with britty and her  Jess  (who moved out to Cali and is living the dream and is home for a couple weeks), attempt to “work out” (even though I’m not “suppose” to)- but what I’m going to do is just walk, sit on the stationary bike, perhaps lifting <– this may be overzealous but I walked 4 miles with my mom yesterday and it was the best I’d felt in a while. I can’t just sit- I can’t just do nothing. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME. I will go within my boundaries, I’m not running, I’m not doing anything to jossle my noggin- I just am getting some cardio and getting the blood pumpin- that can’t hurt me any more right?!


Oh and that bike- I just emailed a woman who is local and she is SELLING THAT BIKE USED for 500$ barely used. I’m really hoping she emails me back.




Side note- I found out that Chobani’s owner/ maker/ blah blah is from right near my home!! BAhh that’s awesome!!



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7 responses to “Weddings, skulls and new beginnings

  1. You look GORGEOUS my dear!!!

  2. You look so good in that color.

    And I still can’t get over the whole head injury. I’m so sorry you can’t do any cardio. Time will come.

  3. You look fantastic! I love that the 2nd girl on the left in the first pic is barefoot haha! 🙂
    I’m glad to hear that you’re up to walking and stuff, keep taking it easy and heal up!!

  4. proudpatriot07

    The pics are great! It looks like you’re doing well after the accident despite everything that’s happened. I think buying a bike is a great idea, it will give you a good outlet, plus lots of physical activity. I hope you can get it!


  5. Amy @ countrystrong21

    You look soooo pretty!

    Hope that lady emails you back about the bike!

  6. So your freactured your skull and you still look that gorgeous!? Wowza 🙂

    I hope you get that bike! What a steal 🙂

  7. you look so pretty for the wedding! does the dress have pockets?? I love weddings!
    I hope you had a good workout, i completely understand the feeling of needing to move. just be careful with the head!

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