So I’ve been a little mia but before last night that was due to pure craziness in my life and schedule…but then… my night turned into this…



So here’s what happened…

I was at my softball game and it’s slow pitch, so we don’t wear helmets. Anyways I was running to 2nd and apparently ( I do not remember any of this, this is what my friends told me), apparently the guy threw it wicked hard and the 2nd basemen ducked and it drilled me above my temple (thank god it didnt hit my temple). I was unconscious for a while and then conscious but was unable to move my arms or legs.


I was taken to the ER and at this point I figured “oh I’m fine I just will have a concussion”. Waited around and got a ct scan. Waited around more, then the Dr. came in.


I have  displaced skull fracture. This being said, my skull broke and the break wasn’t even, one is pushed in further towards my brain, they were worried because my brain was swollen so last night they were seriously considering brain surgery. Honestly that sentence sounds so out of TV and not real. It was terrifying. I had to then wait around for the neurosurgeon. They said I am extremely lucky for a couple reasons. One because if it hit my temple I could have possible died on contact, 2 because my brain was NOT bleeding, 3 there was no outter cut on my skin so the possiblity for infection into the brain was lessened. Phew.


That being said they kept me over night to observe me and run tests (I think they Vamper Bill style drained me of blood) and waited for the swelling to go down.


The really bad news-

I can’t do anything for the next 2-4 weeks.

The even worst news-

It’s in the air if I can ever play contact sports again. Because I didn’t have the surgery my skull will most likely heal uneven, this being said if I get hit in my head again I could damage my brain further and potentially have that bone break further and go into the brain.


So we don’t know what will happen or anything- I’m waiting on a phone call from a neuro specialist to get in to see them asap.





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10 responses to “oww

  1. Omg that is awful hun!!!! Sending mega good vibes and positive thoughts your way!

  2. Ouch…. Geez that’s serious! I hope you heal quickly and you can play sports again

  3. Thank goodness you are okay! I hope you are feeling better soon and everything goes well!

  4. Oh jeez.. I am so sorry that happened to you 😦 I am glad that you lived and you didn’t get hit in the temple. I will be praying for you okay?! Is their anything I can do for you?! Let me know!

  5. OMG GIRL I am sooooo sorry! I am so glad to hear you and your brain are okay though, someone MUST be watching over you. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. Oh my goodness! I’m hoping for the best so you can play sports again.
    That’s crazy.

  7. Oh.My.God! This is soooo awful..but THANK GOD you are OK. I know it probably feels like the end of the world right now thinking you can’t play sports, but thankkk Jesus you are alive! What a scary thing. I hope things work out and you get some answers ASAP! Stay strong love!

  8. proudpatriot07

    *hugs* I’m so glad you’re okay… I really hope you can play soccer and sports again, I know how much it means to you… I guess if you can’t there’s always running, but still :(. I hope you get in touch with the doc and that everything goes okay- keep us posted!


  9. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Wow some scary stuff right there! I’m glad you’re ok and I hope you’re able to play sports again. I’m glad your melon didn’t crack open and let all your smart juice out 😉 (Thanks Yogi Bear lol)

  10. Oh my god. Girl I can’t believe that happened to you!!! On Monday when I was at the batting cages a softball bounced off of the bat and hit me straight in the eye, so my nose and eye have been hurting but dang — nothing like that. I am so glad you are okay. Brain injuries are SERIOUS (as you know by the Padre’s story). If you ever have any questions or want to talk I am here for you girl!!

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