Okay back story- Tuesday night I stupidly left the windows to my car open…it then proceeded to storm all night and down pour, at 5am I woke up in thoughts “Oh I have to shut the windows in my ROOM”…while shutting the windows in my room I then remember oh CRAPOLA i left my car windows open….aka my car has an awful smell and still has damp seats 2 days later….

Yesterday I really struggled with my run. We had done tons of legs on Tuesday and my legs were surely feeling it yesterday. I seriously hated all 3 miles that I ran yesterday….legit…hated. Every step I took I could feel my sore muscles…no bueno.

However today when I ran was great! I did 3 miles at a normal pace then the last two with 6:50 intervals (.25, .75, .25, .70). Ended in 37 minutes and it felt great! I was pooped after that and I knew I still had SIM at 530…so I chilled the rest of the afternoon.

Oh side note-  I decided to run today because I figured “oh we did conditioning at sim yesterday we won’t do it again today….” Um…. I was wrong.

*Insert exhausted caitlin who will be asleep as soon as this post is published**

Oh also to make this a public goal- I want to bump up to 26 miles this week!! 

So last night I went to this nutrition talk for SIM and they touched briefly on some stuff (and I wish they went more into it) but then mentioned that for fat loss the use of casein powder before bed could be helpful… <– DOES ANYONE USE THIS?!? Give me your opinions.
I’m having a brain fart- I felt like I had more to talk about but apparently not.
Speaking of sleep….I think I  need more sleep because today I randomly (and unintentionally) fell asleep twice sitting on my couch…
Had a great dinner tonight…it was nom tasmic.
Pita…turkey…mustard…banana peppers…pickles..spinach…tomato…yum
My fiance John Isner was killing it today, and despite his loss I will still marry him…

I don’t know if you guys are Harry Potter fans like myself…(fan = understatement). But JK Rowling had been teasing us with an announcement for the past couple days and she FINALLY TOLD  US!!!


Yayy!!! MORE POTTER!!!!

…except I saw this all afternoon… >:-|

Side note- My bad ass friend Jim (James) Wilkes needs your support! 

He is currently doing 4 events in 19 days, with the Tinman Triathlon (70.3) happening Saturday; and ending with the Providence 70.3 on July 10th, and then he will be only two events away from completing every major endurance distance event in regards triathlon and running when the 3 remaining events are complete, then it’s on to the culminating Ironman distance triathlon on September 11; which is the eight year anniversary of when he was struck by the grenade in Iraq. Jim is such an inspiration and a hilarious man! If any of you follow my tumblr he leaves me random little anon messages typically in rhyming form hahah. So please go help support him and donate to the charity he’s raising money for!! 






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4 responses to “PITA PITAAAAAAA

  1. I heard that you can get better results by taking casein powder before bed, but I only heard about it for bodybuilders and such. I don’t know! You can try it.

  2. Holy efff that pita looks so good. Not as good as John Isner though..meeerroroooww!!

  3. Hmm I haven’t heard anything about casein powder before bed buuut I’m sure it probably would help to repair your muscles while you sleep 🙂

  4. oh man. Sorry about your car.
    Your future husband is gorgeous.
    And what is this HP business?!?! (im at work and cant get on youtube 😦 sad I know)

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