So I hope everyone had a lovely Flag Day yesterday!

And I’m sorry yet again that I’ve been MIA. BUT  I’m DONE WITH MY CLASS. Phew. Summah fa realz now cha know?


SO this past weekend was pretty fun. Every year the beach right up the road from my house has a balloon festival and all these bands come and play and its very fair like and its awesome. So yeah dat sheyitt was Friday, Sat and Sunday. This was the scene from my back porch Friday night, I think we counted a total of 20 balloons

A couple almost landed in my yard too!!

My brother came into town for it and a ton of his college buddies came over and so did my friends for Fri and Sat. I think we counted about 28 bodies Sunday morning hahah. So needless to say I had no time to blog!!

**Um yes I rocked a t and yoga pants….**

Friday I had a great day at SIM and lost 2.3lbs from the week before! But…yesterday when I went on the scale it was back…soooo who friggen knows.

Another side victory note? Yesterday at SIM alex (my trainer) showed me how on day 1 of doing bench press I could only do 1 at 72.5, and yesterday I did 6. In 4 weeks that has been my progress. FAACCCCK YEAAAAH.


Two things about yesterday….

  1. I ran 8 miles today in 1 hour and 4 minutes and it felt glorious
  2. I signed up for a 4 day a week SIM program for the rest of the summer.

POW. WoW. Diggin’ it. Today I’m not going to run- just some good ol’ SIM and softball.


So about signing up for that 4 day a week SIM program…There was a couple problems with it and now I am feeling sketchy – and I need you to set me straight and not be worried haha.


I signed up for the 4 day because they no longer have a 3 day, it’s either 2 or 4. And honestly- my thought was if I’m paying X amount of money for 2 days, thats really not that many days for a lot of $, but 4 days I feel like I’ll get the most out of and the most for my moolah.


However- this being said it freaks me out because I am worried I won’t be ready for soccer now because I’m just going to run and lift…Since I’m paying for half of this because its so pricey, I’m not asking my parents to pay for goalie training…aka I’ll be wicked rusty- But that is the choice I’m making I guess. Anyways- I’m just worried I guess- I know they say that you won’t get bulky from lifting but I just want to lose weight- I want to be tiny again and back to my comfy 130 😦 <– insert whinyness. I mean seriously the only way I can describe it is that I once tasted greatness and now I want it again. My eating has been on par- my exercise as well. but no difference on the scale. I have lost inches but not any weight!!! WHYYY NOT?!??!?! Grr.


Q- I made the right decision about sim right??!



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7 responses to “Shambles

  1. Sorry about the gaining weight thing. I wouldn’t worry about it because you’ve lost inches and honestly that’s what matters. When you see yourself and others see you they see what you look like, not a number. Two people can look about the same and have very different weights because of muscle mass. I know personally I worry about the number on the scale a lot and need to stop doing that… even the 2.3 pounds, the way weight fluctuates, sometimes I “gain” 3 lbs over the course of a day- not really a gain ya know?

    I’m not sure about the SIM because I’ve never done anything like that or played a sport, but wouldn’t the running and lifting sorta carry over into soccer training? It’s not like you’re taking the summer off and gonna be totally out of shape, I guess it’s just like cross training maybe?

    And those hot air balloons are amazeballs :). Seriously!


  2. YES… i totally think you did. And I really dont think you’ll be as “rusty” at soccer as you think!

  3. Amy @ countrystrong21

    You made a great decision. You’ll be great a soccer, no rust to worry about!

    Enjoy your summer now that you are done with that class!!!

  4. I have the sammee problema as you..when I was working and schooling full time I lost weight because I was ALWAYS I feel like even though I eat well and workout I cannot get back to that weight. I am slowly getting back to where I want, but I guess it takes time. As for SIM I think you will be great!! It will be a good challenge for you and I bet that after it is said and done you will be so glad you did…more bang for your buck?? CHYEAAHH! Anddd yaya for being done with escuela!

  5. What does SIM stand for?

  6. that stinks about the scale! Remember its only a number, and your still losing inches! thats awesome. Also, you are kicking some major booty lady!

    Also, I have to say you and Hollie have the same language (Summah fa realz now cha know?) I love it! haha

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