Poop mouth

**I just said to brit “what should the title of my post be” she said “poop mouth” so there it is. **

Attention bloggies- this is not a rant what-so-ever, this is a realization!

I have come to a point in my “journey” that I feel as though I am “starting over” again. Yeah- I’m not starting from a whole new beginning, I’m not doing this from 200lbs and never ran longer than a mile for fun… I’m starting from a “I’ve had a taste of where I want to be” and I WANT IT BACK. As we know (or if you are new, you may not), I have gone through a lot in the past 6 or so months. I went from obsessing a wee bit too much and putting my body through starvation mode. I lost a lot of MUSCLE (as well as fat…). I didn’t treat my body right and through this I..

  • gained weight back
  • got injured
  • got sick a lot

Where has this left me?

  • 20 pounds heavier
  • loss of endurance
  • loss of confidence
  • had to buy new jeans…a size larger

With all this being said- things are looking up. Big time.

Because of the flubs, I have had to  make changes and deal with adversity.

Right now I the changes I have made have paid off. I didn’t “tell” <— I wasn’t keeping it from you guys I swear, I just haven’t had time to write a post and I kinda wanted to experiment before I came out with this.

I have gone back to the “old” weight watchers. I don’t necessarily know if it was the “new” weight watchers that made me gain, but it had screwed me up mentally. I KNOW the old system works with me and I am confident with it. So I went back to it, and I’ve been feeling better. I don’t feel like I need to eat a certain amount and I just overall have liked the switch back. 

As for Strength In Motion– before today I was kinda bummed, I didn’t “see” any change, and the scale has not budged, actually it went up a lb or 2. But today I checked my leg measurements that I took May 19th…and I was very pleased.

Thigh (May 19th) – 25 inches

Hips (May 19th)- 36.5 

Thigh (June 8th) – 23.3 inches

Hips (June 8th) – 35 inches.

Holy Crap- Seriously if this doesn’t show that the scale means nothing I don’t know what does. 

As for coming back with my running- if you are one of those who has messaged me saying ” how did you build up” or “how did you get faster” or any of those- I am starting back up so you can see how I did it because I’m doin the same as I did before!

I don’t run for “miles” necessarily- I set a time of how long I want to run, and then I do that. And if I’m close to a next distance- I always finish it out.

Ex- Today I wanted to run for 40 minutes, so I did and ran 5 miles.

Okay so after this massive post- I looked like a soccer played today at the gym- GPOYT

Ignore my stupid face and the fact it looks like i dont have a neck/ am still so pale I am not sure if ive seen the sun yet…. and check out that nasty raspberry on my leg still lookin delish…its pusing as we speak 🙂 VOM


Q- What do you think the hardest part about weight loss is? Or any journey for that matter? 



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5 responses to “Poop mouth

  1. I think the HARDEST part for me was sticking to it at first… and realizing that now that I’m smaller and fitter doesnt mean I can go back to eating crap and staying this size, it had to be a full up lifestyle change or I’d end up 200+ lbs again. Good for you for realizing you needed to go back to what you started with!

  2. The hardest part of weight loss for me in the past was changing my eating habits. I use to never eat veggie or fruit. I ate shit. I had to change the way I ate to actually see a difference. It worked.

    I wish you the best with the rest of your journey. It seems like you know what you’re doing.

  3. I think the hardest part of a journey is knowing whether or not you are “there” or when to “start over”

  4. hardest part of weight lose is not eating ice cream haha

  5. Amy @ countrystrong21

    I find so many things about the weight loss journey to be hard. Changing eating habits, getting into a habit of working out consistently, staying motivated, realizing you can’t jump into a full blown healthy lifestyle because you decide you want one today, gosh just everything is hard! I struggle so much but I know I can do it because other people, like you, can and have! One of the hardest things I think is learning how to deal with life while going through the journey. Life isn’t always perfect but learning how to adapt and take what life throws at you without getting off track completely or for too long seems so hard right now.

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