Alriiiiight so- here’s the deal. I’m busy. Plain and simple, it is kinda nutty around here.

Instead of boring you with my day in/ day out similarities I’ll give you the dirty deets.


  • Monday – Work (made my first two interviews!), SIM <– I’ve realized I think I sweat more during this than when I go running #win, softball game <– run ruled them 16-1 in 4th zinnnngggg
  • Tuesday- I woke up thinking “This is sweet I don’t work today all I have is a dentist apt at 1″…went to the gym, ellpiticalled and abed, got to the dentist (WHICH IF YOU KNOW ME YOU KNOW THAT I HATE THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING EVEN MORE THAN THE LADY DR). Well of course had to get 2 cavities filled and then my dentist said “Hey- wanna have your teeth whitened? It’s on me” so I mean why wouldn’t I take that offer up….

Of course I took a pic….I was sitting there with the bleach on for an hour…yeah…ft’s.

  • Got to play tennis with brit tuesday and did 2 miles on the track…thennn WEEDS MARATHON!!! I have been obsessed since the start and own all the seasons so naturally I’m forcing my best friends to love it too…
  • WEDNESDAY-Work 8 to 115  SIM til 530, softball game uno at 6, softball game dos at 7ish…home by 845….dinner by 9….HOMEWORK AND TEST TIL just meow…


Soo wanna see what I did during mah gameski 😉

I slid into third (was safe SAWWEEET) and ripped off about umm half my flesh on my knee. This is a pic after the 2nd game so it doesn’t even give it justice bc it all dried! But def missed this, I used to have these on the daily back when I played varsity and travel…



So now here’s a picture to distract you from ze blooooood (think blood )



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  1. proudpatriot07

    Wow, that knee pic is super gross… and precisely why I don’t do sports. Running is it for me. Oh and lifting and yoga and the occasional aerobics class that leaves me injury or pain free!

    I hate the dentist too, much more than the lady doctor (which is funny bc my “lady parts” doc is a dude). But that’s neat that you got your teeth whitened even tho that thing looks uber uncomfortable…


  2. That is the scariest picture ever. I think I’m scarred for life 🙂

  3. OHHHH MAN!!! that is a major slide!
    You have been one busy lady- its summer…shouldnt we all be going on vacations? haha

  4. The picture of you at the dentist is hysterical! Love it!!!
    And yikes about the knee!

  5. You are hard core! Your knee looks killer!!
    I like the teeth whitening pic.. you are a true blogger, takin pics EVERYWHERE!

  6. Amy @ countrystrong21

    I’m at work right now so I can’t see the awesome picture but I can definitely relate to missing the sweet scrapes and bruises from softball. I would always get pretty nasty bruises. Like huge! Always gave people something to talk about during class because all of a sudden somone would spot it and have to make a big deal about it haha.

    I miss softball so much!

    • hahaha oh my gosh i know right! today at the post office the woman goes “well were you safe at least?” and then we talked about how she used to get them all the time too! soo great!

      • Amy @ countrystrong21

        Ah that’s awesome that someone knew what it was from without having to go through the whole “What did you do?” questions! I love softball peeps!

  7. haha, at first, I just glanced at the picture of you getting your teeth bleached, and I thought that you had no teeth, just gums. haha. Freakkkyyy.

  8. Ahh that used to happen to me all the time when I played softball. I have these dark, rough patches on my knees that won’t go away because I would end up bleeding every game.
    Btw the teeth whitening picture made my day. You look freaking hilarious and I love that you would post that.

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