Weekend Shmeekend





(The Fammmm- Kyle, Me, Ice T, Debstar)

So yesterday was awesome.  Why’s that? Oh because when I went to the gym with my mom this morning my mom showed me she RAN.

Or how she put it “I JOGGED I THINK I JOGGED!!” I walked up to the track where she was after I was done (with my longest run-5miles-post injury!! but honestly this part isn’t about me ). So I was like “okay let’s see it!!” so my mom looks at me- and she’s so freakin cute- she goes “wait i need to get a head start” bahah. so she starts walking faster and then just falls into this natural running form!! and she’s pumpin her arms right and everything!!! She was actually not slow either! she ran around the track once then walked, then we did it again!

She goes walking all the time with her friend DeeDee and apparently DeeDee is starting some sort of couch to 5k plan and wanted my mom to try too. However my mom didn’t really think she could run but I obv reassured her there’s nothing to running except what you put into it!! So she said when she was alone on the track she thought what better time than then to try a little jog!!!!

AHhhh how awesome 🙂 I seriously was wicked stoked when she showed me 🙂 I am smiling ear to ear- she’s so cute- and she’s going to be a beast!!

My rundown of work out + noms. (For Sunday)

Work out- 40 min run (5miles), 10 minutes elliptical, 10 minute new bike/ellip thing which is awesome, 10 min walk(/her jog ish)w momma.

breakfast- new hope mills pancakes, banana, the last of the strawbs

lunch- smoothie (spinach, bluebs, banana, protein powder), turkey (3oz), w.w. bread, banana peppers, pickles, spinach.

And now for my lovely memorial day!

I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend! (and for you non american’s I hope you had a great er Monday!!) My morning was spent grocery shopping with mi madre, MAKING YUMMUS HUMMUS!!! and then to ze gym! I wanted to run, but I was feeling iffy when I started and didn’t wanna do any damage, so since I’m reading Kara Goucher’s book and took that time to elliptical/read.

This weekend I finally unpacked from school hahah before that, I didn’t know whether or not I had hardwood floors in my room or carpeting…

Delish Green Monster after my work out…Then I headed over to my friend Britts house on my old bike!! I rode to her house (7miles there, 7 back) and then back after we hung out all day. When it was time for me to ride back I immediately forgot why I thought it would be fun to bike there….

Sitting in the sun all after noon and then a bike ride back with tons of hills… no bueno.

However I helped this lil guy across the street. Good deed of the day done.

Finished my evening with this bad boy. Seriously, Skinny Cow Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream sandwich. Try them. Love them. Perf guilt free dessert.



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9 responses to “Weekend Shmeekend

  1. That skinny cow ice cream looks super yummy, seriously. Sorry to just say that first but it was the last thing I saw before commenting so yeah.

    So awesome that your mommy was running and showed you! I wish I could get my mom into it more… granted she’s in her 60s, but walking is good too…

    Love the pic of the turtle :). It’s so awesome to see creatures out like that!


    • Seriously SO GOOD you must try them!!! My mom’s about 56 (im sure she didnt want me to say that haha) ive never seen her do anything more than a fast walk it was huge for her!

  2. That Skinny Cow does no justice to the donuts that are in my kitchen right now.

  3. runyogarepeat

    Woo hoo to your mom running! I love seeing others start to run! Your unpacking is motivation to me to unpack my stuff soon too. It’s kinda a pain because I don’t move into my apt until July, so I’m living in between like 5 different places this month.

  4. GO DEBSTAR! How exciting that she jogged!! 🙂 YAYAYAY!!!

    Dude… you must be a beast on a bike! I die after like 2 miles haha way to be! I want to try one of those ice cream sandwiches.. real bad!

  5. Thats awesome that your mom jogged! So inspirational seeing older people exercising. That skinny cow dessert looks perfecttttt. Must get!

  6. sounds like a good weekend. And that was so nice of you to help the turtle 😉

  7. Is that ice cream sandwich for real??? OMG I’m drooling.

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