This chicken’s frieeeeeddd. First days of SIM and interning!!

A little catching up will we?

Sooo the other day my friend Jim (HI JIMM!!!) called me out on fb challenging me to do the double bosu ball squat…

thus…my first attempt…

The hardest part was trying to take a picture and stay balanced haha

When I didn’t have my phone I was able to go much lower obvs but I really wanted proof of this haha

He has since challenged me again…

I’m going to try this push up either sat or sunday.

In this past week I also started my internship and strength in motion!!!! AND WAS ABLE TO RUN AGAIN!!!

^^ First day of interning pic OBVSKII

SO far at SIM I got there early so I jumped on the treadmill and poped out 2 miles before class to losen up. Then we did testing, so we got testing on agility and jumps and stuuufffff.

Then it got to the good stuff, we did squats and box jumps and seated squat things, and a “4 way” which was 4 different arm/back exercises with weights, and thennnn walking lunges w weights, and more squats, and abs, and oh oh oh I did my first bench press ever <—-WOAHHH BIG THINGS. It’s pathetic how laughably weak I am in my upper body but I’m super pumped because I KNOW I’m going to get stronger.

now onto today!!

Kara Goucher is possibly my favorite person ever.

I went to my lil ol jewish center to hope on the elliptical to loosen and break up my sore quads (<— supp sim i love how you make me sore). And brought Kara Goucher’s new book. I started it last night and was hooked but at around 10:45 (<— yeah I am a loser and even tho it’s summer I still go to bed early….) I called it a night. Anyways, this book is seriously a must read for a woman. It talks about all our insecurities as runners…so far. amazeballzz. I’ll do a full book review when I’m done 😉

Then I came home and did absolutely nothing- you’d think that’s fun..but I was pretty bored…I was more anxiously awaiting SIM at 3:45. I did some stuff for the bridal shower (which is saturday!!) and then ran some errands for the ice man (my father). then…S T R E N G T H IN MOTION


Okay- so today, I got there early so I could do a mile (ish) warm up run to losen the goods. Then we tested more with sprinting and vertical leap. THEEEN we did romanin dead lifts, rdl w shrug jump? idk the name…thats how i can best describe it. Some hip flexer bidness…and more squats and lunges (YESS loving the burn). some resistance band work.

As for arms I did (meaning tried to attempt) a chin up (fail) but we are working on it, i did assited ones with a band and stufff. Also did box squat with the bar, some dung bell chest press (i think), hip thing…wow guys im sorry of my lack of specificity… we did planks and bicylces for abs to end it too.

On top of it all today I got my body fat measured… this means at the end of the program we will be able to see it again to see some progress!!

Nowww off to go make the favors for the bridal shower whomp whoomp!!

Completely unrelated side note- I’m super annoyed (not really though) my grades were supposed to be up this morning at 10, I checked all day until SIM (no grades posted), then I get a text from mitch asking how I did but I was at SIM so obv couldnt check it. Sooo thennnn I get home at what 5:45ish and Kelsie was here, so I couldnt check it yet…she left at 7 and then I go on to check it and THIS COMES UP

and has been for the past 40 minutes….sweet life. Whatevaah.

Oh also my summer class started today…Ancient Life WUDDUUUP I have my fossils and all 🙂 ready to get my nerd on…. (ps i dont NEED to take a summer course… I just find my brain works better if I’m doing a class all year round)

Songs for you to download immediately…

best b spears remix ever

katy perry tgif

Better with the lights off

cat daddy!



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9 responses to “This chicken’s frieeeeeddd. First days of SIM and interning!!

  1. I love Kara! My name is on a list right now for her book. I met her and they didn’t have any more signed ones so I just ordered it.

    Deadlifts are my favorite. They make me legs feel so good.

  2. proudpatriot07

    That’s so amazing, I can’t balance worth a crap on a bosu and you’re using 2… wow. Just wow.

    Sorry about the university’s server being down when you checked your grades… boo on technology :(. Hope you find out how you did soon!


  3. I hate Potsdam okay bye.

    I failed all my classes and am dropping out…see you never again.

    On a side note-I’ve been reading your tumblr and I still lurvee it and not it’s like dejavooo. I hope your summer is super fab.

  4. I totally want that book!
    And you look fabulous in your intern outfit!!

  5. I want to read Kara’s book so bad!
    Glad you are LOVING sim 🙂 yayay! You are going to be SO strong!

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