Just hook me up to an IV of coffee

I still have not ran, I ran last friday and it felt alright, pretty decent. Ever since my hamstring has been tight and I’m afraid to run. I don’t want to make it any worst so I just don’t run…

This morning I was at the gym on the arc and I was like ‘wow my legs feel good’ so I went over to the treadmill, punched in a 9min pace to start and I felt the pull again. I don’t know to explain it but this kind of pain aches like I honestly know I could run thru it but I am worried that will just prolong this.

Instead I hopped back on my beloved arc trainer.

I know that when I do start running again (I’m hoping for saturday) I will have to start small. I’m going to go back to running for minutes rather than miles, and I’m going to start at a slower pace and build myself back up. I can’t expect myself to be just as strong as I was 3 weeks ago.

This is not a set back its a set up for something great. I’m not going to say I can’t or that just because I’m slower than I was I won’t ever be able to get back to where I was. I can and I will. I’m going to use this to make myself stronger and become a more well rounded athlete.

With my combination of strength in motion, running, biking and swimming I should be able to not only better myself, get to a weight and body I love and become a faster runner.

On another note…

Today I have what sounds like a ridiculous day, but in reality really isn’t that bad. I woke up at 630am, ate some oatmeal with bluebs and pnut buttah, went to the gym at 730 did 1 hour 10 minutes arc trainer, then 100 squats, 100 lunges, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups. And I plan on doing yoga tonight after my last final.

I had a final at 1015 (it was an essay final) after I turned in my paper my prof calls me over and says, “You know, you were one of 4 in the class to get an A...you didn’t have to take the final (now he has a huge ass grin) I just wanted you to do it anyways so I could read what you had to say (even bigger grin and starts laughing)” Ohhh cool man!! hahaha I mean, it really wasn’t a hard essay, but it’s pretty funny I didn’t NEED to take it.

I have another final at 2:45, then another at 5pm. SO it sounds like a wicked hard day of tests, but I’m pretty prepared for these so I’m not really worried….SADLY THOUGH I have to stay here til Friday because I have my last one Friday morning WAAAAH.

SOooooo right meoowww I’m sippin on some dunkin ice coffeeeee and watching my fav show…THE COSBY SHOW!!!!!! 

Q- Are you as obsessed with coffee as I am??

Q2- How do you feel about multiple finals in one day, our rule here is you can switch it if you have more than 2 in one day, would you switch it or leave it up to your preference?

ONE LAST THING…. Holy crap I’m almost a senior…..



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15 responses to “Just hook me up to an IV of coffee

  1. I’m highly obsessed with coffee. I only started drinking it last september but yeah… it’s the love of my life. I jut ordered 48$ worth of my fav stuff and my mom is picking it up to ship me today! ahah YAY COFFEE!

    Good luck on the finals!

  2. I would have laughed along with the professor so hard that spit flew out of my mouth. Then we’d see if he was still laughing. RUDE! I hateee having more than one final a day, maybe just because I have a hard time studying multiple science topics at once. BARF. Your workouts are legit, I need to come workout with you and turn into a beaassst! Oh and coffee = the elixir of life. Good luck on those finals!

  3. proudpatriot07

    When I was in college we could switch if we had more than 2 finals in a day. I never did though so I never had to switch. Most of mine were just turning in papers because I was an English major… but I would be pretty freakin’ pissed if the professor told me I didn’t have to take the final after I already took it!

    I definitely love coffee as much as you do and have coffee envy right now since you’re near a Dunkin and I’m not. Good luck with running if you get to on Saturday too! Don’t push it and make your injury worse, tho.


  4. Way to go with the no running on a possible injury. I am doing the exact same thing right now and I’m happy about it. We are setting up for something great 🙂

    I want Dunkin right meow. Every single time I see it on your blog I want it! I am a lil obsessed with coffee… I think and dream about it way too much haha.

    I would take a bunch of finals in one day just to get em over with! Congrats on almost being a SENIOR!

  5. I am beyond obsessed with coffee!!! You are not alone in the addiction!!

  6. YEA FOR ALMOST BEING A SENIOR! how exciting!!!!
    And good luck on your finals! You must be one smart chicka if you didnt even have to take one to still have an A!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ashiashay

    1. I LOOOOOVVVEEEEE coffee. When I posted on facebook that I had bought an espresso machine I had more comments than anything else I can remember.

    2. I say two finals in a day is max…that’s just my preference though. If you’re totally ready and confident, then who knows.

    3. You should read about hamstring issues over at PreDawn Runner. Greg is awesome and had a hamstring injury/issue earlier this year. http://predawnrunner.com/

  8. Amy @ countrystrong21

    I guess if I went to school away from home I wouldn’t mind multiple finals in one day if it meant being able to go home sooner. But otherwise I would prefer to only have one a day. Less to try and remember in that day yano 😉

    Not a coffee drinker here.

  9. You would be surprised that when you do start running again, you may have a lot of endurance. That’s what I saw with myself. I can still knock out ten miles in an hour.

  10. You and my housemate can be twinnies with the coffee for real. I agree though, you are just setting yourself up for something great.

  11. i have never gotten into coffee! shocker right?! I LOVE cofffee flavored things.. (hello coffee extract), but its just TOO bitter!

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