annd that’s the 5 year plan, stan

I’m totes missin’ mahh friendzzz


So this weekend I went home right and I was hanging out with Jay and Britty!!! (<—excitement because i miss my biffs). Anyways we came up with a 5 year plan…it’s pretty epic and strangely enough not unrealistic at all…

so far we’ve got….

next year- finish senior year at our respective colleges

spring 2012- move to t-dot aka toronto (jay already lives there so it’d just be brit and i makin the moves)

fall 2012- grad school in tdot

….ANY CANADIAN READERS??? What do you know about some toronto colleges and teaching in toronto in general?


Glad we all look exhausted because we practically stayed up all night chatting and goofin around.


Tried Kombucha for the first time!! AND IM HOOKED. Sooooo good and I really like the natural fizziiiiness. …yes that is a fish on my steering wheel….


Brit walkin around in some fresh jordans…


I tried on white boots…and realized how I could never pull off boots…. After all the adventures of the weekend I realized I was way to exhausted to drive back to school and study, so I stayed home studied my face off and thhhhen woke up at 5am and drove back to school this morninnnnnnn…

Work out- hour arc trainer, MAD AMOUNTS OF ARMS I’m not even going to list the machines because lets be honest i dont know the names of them….



Work out:

1 hour arc trainer

25 minute yoga from exercise on demand

10 minutes lower body from eod

12 minute ab blast from eod

my hammie is still tight today… I’m hoping the yoga is going to help…I really am almost afraid to run right now…I really don’t want to jump back into it to fast and just prolong the injury some more…ugh i don’t know.


My face was SO red I looked burned and I had some sexi crazi ugli ass hair post work out…no lie…the beast had to be tamed immediately

1 out of 5 finals are done!!! count down til home…4 days 🙂



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8 responses to “annd that’s the 5 year plan, stan

  1. Move to VA and do grad school there. It will be warm and oh so much fun.

  2. You tried Kombucha YAYAYA! That made my soul swoooon. Your plan sounds legit, and exciting. Makin moves peopleeee.

  3. Making plans with friends = SO fun and exciting!
    Fish on your steering wheel = cute 🙂

  4. proudpatriot07

    Aww, I hope you can run soon! Yoga can be really good for your muscles though when you can’t run… especially the hammies :).

  5. Isn’t Kombucha the

    I really hope you can run soon. (:

  6. Toronto?!?!? Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!! lol
    I’m canadian and firmly beleive I would never and could never live in Toronto. BUT… there are some good schools there if toronto is wher eyou want to go! 🙂

  7. I love how you add -izzle to everything because I totally do that too. Everything sounds better that way (wizzle).
    I need to try the real deal kombucha. I’m scared to though. I seriously just need to go buy it, feel bad for buying it because it costs mucho mulah, and then proceed to drink it all so that it doesn’t go to waste. and hopefully enjoy it.

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