Runnn forrressst!!!

HOKAY! We can celebrate today people. MANY GOOD THINGS HAPPENED.

1) I RAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did 4 miles in 33 minutes!! I just kept it nice and easy, I felt like I could have ran faster and longer too so this is an excellent sign!! After the run I did 30 minutes on the ellitpical and then did a little mini leg circuit thing that consisted of this:

2×25 squats on the bosu ball with ball part up

2×25 squats on bosu ball with the ball part down

4x 25 lunges

4×25 wall sits w ball

4×25 step overs on bosu ball

4×25 push ups!!

Came home to THIS delicious lunch. Which I nom-ed away at half the sandwich before I snapped the pic… my bad.

Dark rye, with turkey, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, cucumber, tomato, sprouts, spinach, spicy mustard. OMG died and went to heaven. Oh yeah…and watermelon straight from the tupperware and palmers right from the jug…sorry bout that mom and dad…I totally put the rest back in the fridge too..whoopppps

And I made a smoothie (chobani peach, frozen blueberries, ice, some skim milk, spinach) add some kashi go lean crisp on top

I’m lax-bro-ing it out right meow… #hatersgonnahate but no seriously I am to go lay out in the sun right now and work on my ghostly-ness. …this feels like summer…but I have finals all next week….

OH MY GOD excitement round 2- you prepared for this. This is the reason why I love weight watchers BTW .

WEIGH IN FRIDAY (tmi but it was shark week and I didn’t feel like yesterday was going to be good for my ego so ya know I didn’t want to weigh myself).

Starting Weight (this time around): 155.9

Last weeks weight: 154.4

Current weight: 153

Loss of 1.4lbs! 

Total: 2.9lbs

It’s great when you step on the scale, expecting to not have lost anything or even maybe a gain…and then it’s a loss of almost a pound and a half…wuuuddddup.

Also- Tried the Starbucks Mocha Coconut Light Frapp with my mom at happy hour (3pts for a tall) SOOO GOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!

Oh and lastly I’d like to say what an idiot I am, today when I showered I washed my hair twice with two different shampoos because I thought the second one was conditioner….and it wasn’t…faill whale….


Corgi of the day that I want….


Enter I mean don’t because I want to win….but here’s a great peanut butter flour give away!



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6 responses to “Runnn forrressst!!!

  1. Yo as long as the parentals (or anyone for that matter) don’t know about the gulp you stole straight from the jug, or the melon you used your fingers to eat then all is well in the world! You deserve a “footfive” for the workout session/weight in.. goodjob! =)

  2. indecisiveathlete

    I eat straight from the melon jar always…well sneakily at least haha. Yeah for that workout! Love bosu squats! Sounds like your off to a great start with weight watchers round 2!

  3. AWESOME job on the weight lose! you worked really hard this week, s0 congrats!
    And I was wondering, are you doing weight watchers, because I saw your points listed

  4. So happy your run went well! Congrats girl! And hahaha I totally lol-ed at the lax-bro look, love it!

  5. I’m so happy for you. Good job on the run and the poundage you lost.

  6. oh congrats!! awesome workout and awesome weigh in. Hope the weekend was even better!

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