What’s that? You want to learn another new dance and have a song stuck in your head at all time? Okay I can help you with that…

Let me introduce you to…THE WOBBLE 

the more fun video is this though-

You’re welcome. Oh and while you’re at it, go listen to more Adele songs BECAUSE SHE FREAKIN CAN ROCK IT. 

So I again woke up wicked early, not as early as yesterdays 540am, but a nice 632am today. I don’t have class until 12:30 today so I woke up had a prework out breakfast of Puffins Cinnamon Cereal with a banana and Skim Milk (I’d say 5pt, just because I def did more than 2/3 cup…it’s a sick joke that they think 2/3’s cup is a serving….)

Did 45 minutes speed interval on the arc trainer, I was reading runners world and they suggested this work out, you start by doing 30seconds fast, then 30 seconds regular, then 1minute fast, 1 minute regular, then 1:30 fast, 1:30 reg, then 2 minutes fast, 2 minutes regular, 1:30 fast, 1:30 reg, and climb back down then back up for the whole work out. Def liked this. I was sweating bullets.

Then did arms! WOOOO I’ve gone an entire week of doing arms S/T/Th!!!!!  Creating a routine people!!

Post Work out Breakfast 2-

2 eggs, 2 egg whites (4pts), an apple and a big gulp o waterrrrrr WHAT UP DOE!

Originally I was just going home tomorrow to see my best fraand Jay (he lives in Canada and rarely is able to come home and finally can, therefore I need to make an effort to go see him in cuse if he made the effort to cross the border and all…) BUT my class for tomorrow got cancelled, because usually we have tests every Friday, but because its academic prep week teachers arent allowed to give tests (apparently my professor for night class didnt know this because we had a test last night….#madaboutit). Anyways- I’m able to go home today after my classes now.

^^ Story of my life.





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4 responses to “SING YOUR HEART OUT ADELE!!!

  1. Gosh I haven’t been on the Arc in a hot second. Seriously awesome job girl. I almost thought I couldn’t make confused beautiful faces at you walking by class today…but never fear…I still will bahaha.

  2. i love the wedding wobble! Especially the one white guy who kindof can dance haha. I wish I could dance (or wobble haha)

  3. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Adele was on Dancing With The Stars Tuesday night. First time I heard her and thought she was pretty good.

  4. I just got adele’s album. LOVE

    One week! woo! you got this!

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