Ready for a super long post that will catch you up on my life????? OKAYYYY LEGGGGGGOOO

Return of the WRAP!!!

I didn’t have much turkey left booo, but still awesomey saucey wrap. SPinach, cuces, hummus, pickles and turkey! on a flat out! with some lays light chips (20 for 2pts WUUUDDUPPP)

Had some more delicious mango tooo yum yum yumm!!

I had one sweaty gym sesh

Yeah that is sweat past my belly button!!! Craziness. My back (and bum..<— yeah i admit it my bum gets sweaty SO SUE ME).

Work out biddnesss of zat day-

Very simple. 5 mile run at a 8min pace, keeping it light and fun trying not to kill myself haha. Then 40 min arc trainer sesh (only did 40 because justin timberlake and mila kunis were on and i wanted to finish watching…) then 100 push ups, 50 squats, 50 lunges annnnd  soccer practice! (only an hour soccer prac and it was very light).

^^ the strange truth


I can’t even begin to explain to you how extremely busy I’ve been since Friday!


Friday- Megan got here and then I had to go to practice then immediately came home and got to hang with my roommates and Megan and Amanda who came up to visit meeee!!

Saturday- Woke up and spent all day hanging out with Megan (Amanda had to leave early) and our otheeer best friend Britty decided to make the long drive north to join us!! Soooo eventually I had to go to  our alumni soccer game, I played on the field the whole second half and had one goal and one assist!!!! Then as soon as my game was done my best friends Megan and Britt were waiting for me at my apartment with my roommates!

Sunday-  spent saying my good byes to Brit and Megs and then worked out (1mile run- hamstring is still extremely painful to run I went to the trainer and if things aren’t better by the end of the week with no running on it then we are starting to consider some nerve damage soon. Yuck yuck yuck. We’ll see. So did the arc trainer for 1hour, then 100 squats, 100lunges, 100push ups, 3 planks.

One photo from this weekend. Right after my soccer game Saturday, doin “movin like bernie” on the table in our living room….drink in hand 😉

By far my favorite dance to do. I also was dougie-ing all night. THATS WHATS UP

Monday was verrrryyy sleeeeeeeeeeppyyy


I was superrr dooooperrr exhausted.

*Insert whinny college student**

How come all the work comes within the last month? WHaaaat??? (

Anywayssssssssss…moving on..

We had a game yesterday whoomp whoomp, we won 4-1 and I started and played in goal the whole time 😉 work it work itttt. I was hoping to get some time on the field, maybe next timeeee.

Work out bidnesssss-

1 hour 20 minutes arc trainer session with Justin as he caught me up on his life (HE RAN HIS HALF MARATHON THIS SUNDAY in 1hour 25 minutes 52 seconds WHAT A FRIGGEN CHAMP!!!) He’s amazing and is starting to train for ultras and what not. I pretty much envy/adore him.

Then I did my lunges/squats/pushups routine (no abs).

Seriously though I’m ready for some normalcy- wait that sounds weird, I know this is my norm but I mean being home and not having work to do and just being able to focus on droppin some lbs and regaining strength. I have still not been able to run I tried a mile yesterday and it was extremely painful, I was going to go to the trainers today but didn’t have time. Justin suggested talking to a sports med dr we have in town so perhaps I’ll make an appointment to see that guy.



Alright I’m super stoked right now. I have convinced (it really wasn’t convincing more like “Hey mom will you pay for half” ) my parents to help me pay for Strength in Motion!!

“Strength in Motion is a workout facility whose mission is to transform and develop the abilities  of athletes and individuals, by combining superior training principles, expert coaching and systematic instruction to produce proven results.”

They are geared towards athletes and work on speed, agility, strength and power!!! The 3 day program has conditioning as well as strength training aka CAITLINS GOONNNA BE BROLICCCC!!!!

My summers SHAPING <— you like that pun up to be awesome!!

On top of this I will be able to get some swim work outs in and hopefully if all goes well I’ll still buy a used road bike and be able to get running more!! OOOH and 2 slow pitch softball leagues and one outdoor soccer leauge!! And second half of the summer I have my goalie trainer!! Wow wow wow I’m so beyond excited for this summer! Let’s hurry this up and get me HOMEEE!!!! I start SIM May 23rd 🙂 AKA the monday I get back!!

Nowww on to todays goodies….

Nom-tastic lunch. Flatout wrap (half), with 3oz chicken, 1 laughing cow cheese, cucs w hummus and a big ass tomato slice!

gpoy?? Ummmm btw i’ve been way lazy lately and the fact i wore jeans today is a huge accomplishment. dont hate on the sweatshirt + didnt even change my hair after sleeping look…it’s what is in right now.

Wow wow wow now I’m off to go speed up time so it can be May 20th and I can be home and start my awesome sauce summaaah!!

Q- Have you ever been so excited for a new work out that you just want it to hurry up and get here!!! YEAH I DOO!!

Q2- What do you have planned for the summer?? Any super awesome-ness going on??



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5 responses to “IM GONNA GET BROLIC THIS SUMMER!!!!!

  1. Huzzah! I read this post in my head in all caps. Hahah. I could just feel all your excitement.
    Nice job on the soccer game. (:
    So far, I have no idea what I’m doing for the summer. Hopefully a job!

  2. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Plans for the summer would be turning 21 and going to Country Fest with my mom and aunt a week after turning 21. June is going to be an awesomesauce month to say the least, or at least it better.

  3. I definitely LOL’d at your Bernie dance. Best dance move by far, I have been brave enough to attempt that move in public.

  4. OMG! The Bernie dance!! Hahahahaha ohh myyy! PLEASE do a vlog about the Bernie dance & teach me how to Dougie 🙂

    I hope you swim a lil this summa, it is awesome andddd Yay for gettin brolic!

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