Blueberry Iced coffee for the win

I want to again (I’m always saying this to you guys because you guys are just so great) say THANK YOU, for all of your support and advice- this community is seriously the best thing ever and I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of it. So Thank you all!.

I had a lovely easter at my house with some of my family, not everyone could make it this year so we just did a small brunch. These lovely women ❤ were in attendance. This is my great aunt hattie, she is 97 years old. WHAT A WOMAN. When she was 70 she was in the Peace Corps, shes travelled the world tons, is a Daughter of the America Revolution (as am I) she’s just so amazing and has done such amazing things I can’t even tell you it all!

And this is my amazing grandma (and seth on the right). (You can see me in the back hahah looking sketchy)

It’s so good to see her smile (even though this picture was taken this summer). So it was a very good morning with the family to say the least!

I then quickly shot over to the gym (Which is a Jewish Community Center so obviously it was open haha and I celebrated my easter there like any good catholic girl right?)

I ran 2miles (15mins), 45 minutes elliptical then did the same upper body lifting!

3 sets of 12 of assisted dips, assisted pull ups, seated row, curls, shoulder press, chest press.


Work out-

1 hour arc trainer

4 sets of 25 lunges, squats, push ups

2 straight on planks for 1 min on the first, then at least 1 min on the second (but until fail)

2 left side planks w same times, 2 right side planks

2 holding hovered legs (idk the name but we always did them in hs for soccer)

2 supermans for same times.

Random side note-

#31283719 reason I should buy a bike….SO THEN I WONT NEED TO SPEND MAD MOOLAH ON GAS jeessssh


Another thing I’ve been obsessed with…Dunkin Donuts Blueberry iced coffee MMMHMMM So good. SO SO SO GOOD.

lil work out action for ze day:

4.5 mile run (35mins)

Arc Trainer (30mins)


Eats for the day? I mean why not…

Breakfast (7amish):

Bagel Thin (3pts) with 1tbsp 1/3 fat free veggie cream cheese (1pt) and a honey greek yogurt (3pt)!

Snack: Apple(930ish)

Snack dos (11am): Mango <— hardest thng to figure out how to cut

Lunch: 2 eggs (4pts) 2 egg whites (1pt), hummus (1pt) and pita chips (2pts)

Annnnnnd now I’m quickly showering then dinnerrr…hmm what ta have…FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also side note, I got my friends wedding invite in the mail today…that plus 1 blank space is haunting me….try outs for my date will be starting immediately… please submit your resume and cover letter …bahaha

THEEE MOST amazing salad I had with dinner. Spinach, avo, tomatos galore, cucumbers and a some milked down ranch dressing!!

 Q- Do you freak out over the plus one?? I have some guy friends that would love to come with but still!!


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10 responses to “Blueberry Iced coffee for the win

  1. I’ll be your date. No big deal. I saw your Dunkin Donuts and I immediately wanted to run into your classroom and steal it. Is that socially acceptable?

  2. Dunkin Donuts Blueberry iced coffee? I can’t imagine blueberry flavor coffee.

  3. Dunkinnnnnn yuuumm 🙂 My brother is OBSESSED with Dunkin. He should go to the wedding with you 😉 muhaha. Okay I meant to tell you.. I haven’t been commenting because your blog won’t show up in my google reader 😦 so I subscribed to get it in my email. Problem solved!

  4. indecisiveathlete

    If you can get Jesus to turn your water in to gasoline see if he’ll do it for me too. haha I may have to go try blueberry iced coffee that sounds interesting and delicious. Oh and I might be stealing some of your workout ideas…

    • Hahah lets pray he does it for all! And you MUST TRY THE BLUEBERRY!! It’s so good. but hot…not so much, so make sure it’s iced! And its pretty bitter if you don’t have it with skim milk and splenda or something.

      and go for it 🙂 if anything send some of yours this way too muhaha

  5. AntosDoesLife

    I will be your plus one. I’m a cheap date. 🙂 Loooooooove iced coffees!

  6. my favorite is their pumpkin spice coffee in the winter. i could seriously drink those iced coffees by the gallon, its so disgusting how much i consume!! during non snow times I like their caramel!

    Also–the avocado in that salad looks yum!

  7. plus one defiantly freaks me out. But sometimes in certain occasions its cool just to go and hang out wiht friends, instead of worrying about a date

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