Sorting out my priorities.

A decision has been made that I didn’t expect- but when your guts telling you something, you need to listen to it.

I woke up this morning at 5:50am, rolled over and went to crawl out of bed to use the bathroom. My first steps off my bed and I knew what needed to be done. My 5 second walk to the bathroom told me everything I needed to know. My calfs were swollen and tight, my knees cracked and my hip ached. And that’s when I decided.I’m not running the Buffalo Marathon this May. I hurt up in the morning with pains, not good soreness, but literal pains. I am exhausted most nights by 9. Runs that used to feel great, now take a lot more to get through. I have overtrained. I have become run down and it is effecting every aspect of my life.

I am not confident in myself, my running or my body.

Since the marathon finished I have gone from injury to injury and in between those little blips- I’ve been sick 4 times in the past 2 months, this is huge considering before this I had only had maybe one cold in the past 6 months.

If we reflect back on my blog for the past couple months we can easily see the clues leading to this. Runs are taking everything out of me, my weight has gone haywire, I’ve been more unhappy with things that I have in a while.

And I really think that being so run down (no pun intended) has effecting my weight. I’m focusing on training and doing the running rather than bettering myself and providing myself with what I need. I will chose an hour run over doing other work outs “because I need to log miles”.

I’ve lost my arm muscles and abs. My strength is completely gone, I have endurance YES, but I need to be well rounded.

Mentally I am in no place to run a marathon right now.

I need to get myself incontrol again. I have finals to focus on rather than worrying about squeezing in a 20miler between soccer practice and writing papers.

I am a 21 year old who needs a break before she goes nuts.

So that’s it guys- no more marathon training. Not until after soccer season. I want to get back to goal weight, learn to maintain the right way and then in the fall I will start training for the Disney Marathon. I am going to say it again, I’m only 21- I have a whole hell of a lot of time to qualify for Boston and then run it, what’s the rush?

Am I disappointed in myself? Yes a little. I feel like if I had done things differently after the marathon I wouldn’t have put myself in this situation of being so run down. But we live and we learn.

Don’t you worry though, this blog was originally created for my weight loss, it formed into a very running focused blog. I’m still going to run a lot but I’m taking the pressure off it. I’m going to start a lifting program, I am going back to focusing on my eating not fueling for running.

I hope you all continue to  follow me on my newest struggles and journeys! Lots of new things coming this way with new challenges!

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17 responses to “Sorting out my priorities.

  1. You are truly amazing Caitlin and have to do whats right for you. Like I just texted you, you have your whole life to run. Your whole life to better yourself in running but not your whole life to play soccer with these girls. You and I both know you will excel in everything and anything you put your mind too. Do you want to lift weights together too? That would be the We can be Strength buddies. 🙂

  2. AntosDoesLife

    Love it. We will always be here for you! I’ve noticed the same thing for me too, espeically because I’ve been injured the past three weeks with this darn IT band. Sometimes it just takes one round of overtraining to realize how much your body can or cannot handle. I am with you also on lifting, I’ll be starting that after the marathon.

    You’re awesome girl. YOU FINISHED A FREAKING MARATHON. You are in an elite club now and eventually some day you and I will get to Boston! 🙂 We’re only in our 20’s…we have about 40 more years of running under our soles. 🙂

    • You’re amazing and such a great supporter. You are so right WE will be running boston together! Whats the point in killing myself over it? I want to be able to ENJOY my BQ and running!! Hope all is well with you ❤

  3. blissfulbritt

    I’ve been reading your bloggity boo for a while now, and I laahooove this post. I have been going through stuff that has been stressing me out until I sat down and said to myself, “you are YOUNG and have years ahead of you..relax!” So I’m with you on that and most def will continue to follow you. =)

    • You are so sweet! We are FAR too young to get caught up- the point of life is to enjoy it, so I think this is a very good decision. What’s the point in BQing if I’m just going to hurt myself in the process?? I’ve got tons of time. It isn’t going any where!

  4. Awe girl:( Don’t be sad!!! Seriously you are SO so young and have already run a freaking marathon. That is more than what most women can say at your age! Once you bounce back you WILL BQ, and we will all be there to cheer you on. I know that I am still so young (only 17 holy crap) and I am running my first half in a week. It is so so important to me not to overtrain, but it is also hard when I am super ambitious/competitive and want to be an elite runner. Now in all seriousness that is probably not going to happen, but what we all have to do is keep our goals realistic for our own bodies. Love you twinnie!!

    • Girl you are going to KILL the half! And that is so amazing that you are doing it so young!! You’re right though what is the sense in killing myself over the BQ if I’m going to be overtrained and hurt?? THat is such a great goal for you girl and you can DEF accomplish it!! You’re the best ❤

  5. Hey girl! I’ve recently started reading your blog and just want to say MAJOR props to you for listening to your body! I can totally relate to this because I came down with a cold a couple days ago and all I could think about was how I wasn’t going to be able to run for the next few days. I know it’s not the end of the world (I’m not even training for anything major) and this post totally made me realize that if I don’t take it easy on myself once in a while my body/mind/immune system will totally backfire on me. So, thank you for this!! And you’re so right, we have the rest of our lives ahead of us!

  6. Of course I am still going to follow your blog; running or no running. You’re amazing for realizing that you have been over training. It takes a lot for any athlete to realize that. I hope all goes well with soccer and anything else you decide to do.
    Also, you’re right. You are ONLY 21. You have your whole life to qualify for Boston and to run marathon after marathon.

    “Tomorrow is another day, and there will be another battle!”
    – Sebastian Coe

  7. sufeiyasworld

    i love how you’re pushing through !
    i’ve always believed that weight loss comes not just with healthy eating and excercise, but also with a completely different lifestlye.

    since last year i’ve picked up running as well and hope to carry on !

  8. Smart.

    So smart.

    Yes, it sucks to have to back out of something, but it’s awesome that you recognized that you weren’t really running and doing all of the training for the right reasons. You need to love every run you take, or you will get sick of it. You need to have fitness be something that is healthfully integrated into your life, rather than the main focus of your life. You don’t want to resent the marathon training for taking over your life, especially when you’ve got all of this other stuff going on!

    I spend probably about 6 months obsessing about getting in as many workouts & burning as many calories & moving as many miles as I possibly could, and it just got stressful.

    We need to love this fitness stuff and see it as something which is easily and healthfully a part of our lives.

    This is hard stuff! And this was an awesome post. Awesome job listening to your body, instead of stubborning through more training. It’s a hard thing to do!

  9. indecisiveathlete

    I think you made a very good decision even though I’m sure it was a very hard one. At least you have realized that you were over training before it led to a bad injury to where you couldn’t run at all. I’ve only been following you for a little while but I really enjoy your blog and I will def continue following bc its awesome! And with being so young you have forever to keep doing races! I’ve even heard about an 80 yr. old woman that is still doing ironmans! so you have like 60 more years girl!

    Good luck with getting everything back on track and I hope you have fun with it all in the process!

  10. hey you gotta do whats right for yoU! you know whats best, and there are ALWAYS other marathons to run!

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