Catch up… not ketchup though

I’m going to try and catch you up on my life in one massive post!!! Break has been jam packed and I’ve been busy like EVERY SECOND I feel like!!

I hit up the most excellent Kohls sale!

Wazzzupppp Kohls 50% off sale! Got me some sexxii wedges for the summah!

**PLease ignore my ghostlyness**

Oh yah, bought this about time considering I’m half way through marathon training round 2…

16 miler later on today however if this weather doesnt get any better im going to be a slave to the treadmill!!

Luke Bryan can marry me if he wants

^^I am obsessed with this song right now. REPEAT FOR DAYYYSSSSS.

So I guess I technically missed fanny foto friday…buuuutt (<– you like that pun)

Please note the caution wet floor sign that is on the carpet….

I  had a very very busy day, I had interning 8-12, squeeze in gym 12-1ish, then hair dressers then boys baseball double header then I was out with my friends. Hence why the lack of postageeeeeeeeee. If I have time today (not sure if I will), I’m going to look back and see my times (running wise) from last year at the time as well as when I started my blog because I think it was around right about now ieieeieieiee!!!!

I’m exhausted- isn’t vacation suppose to be relaxing? I’ve had stuff pretty much every second I’ve been home!!! And I’ve gotten the least amount of sleep all semester! <— WHATTTT

Also I’ve been looking back at my life this past semester, I’m mucho less stressed and I’m having a lot of fun. However, sadly this has brought back some old habits which worry me, I guess I just need a good balance but really its difficult and I need to understand I’m allowed to have slip ups. I have been way not serious about marathon training and I contribute that to the fact I keep getting injured or sick <– aka my body telling me to fuck off. I think after Buffalo I’m going to take the most epic rest days in the world then start up with bicycling, swimming and weight lifting and obvs some running but nothing hard core. If I don’t qualify, ya know what- I’ll try again but maybe not so soon. I need to make running fun and not about training and being so serious. However- until after Buffalo (and hell, probs even after) it’s going to be on my mind- I can have a horrible training weeks but maybe just maybe pop out with a great race day- THATD BE EPIC.

Bloggings been hard lately guys- not going to lie. I am excited for school to be over I’ll have much more time in my life! Oh sike…my internship starts 2 days after my last final…..greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!



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3 responses to “Catch up… not ketchup though

  1. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to make running worth wild again.

  2. indecisiveathlete

    amen to making running fun and not just training! I love my fuel belt its fun and I hate carrying a water bottle!

  3. I completely understand being busy….I need to update everyone too! haha

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