You be the match…Imma be your fuse…BOOM

Still obsessed with the song Sure Thing by Miguel.

Did I ever show you guys the sweet sauce necklace that my bff tana gave me for my birthday :)!!! It says ‘sole sister” because we are sole sisters muhaha I had forgotten it at home after my birthday weekend so obvious the second i came home I had to go find it and put it on!!


Today I drove home after my last exam for spring break round deux!! Because it was a travel day and once I got home it was dark and rain and I was not about to do a treadmill run. I’ve been reading a lot about not having junk miles. I need to get the most out of my runs because a bunch of random miles won’t carry me to success, but quality miles will. So I did 45 minutes elliptical and THEN I LIFTED!!!

I did

3 sets of 12 of


Seated Row


Shoulder Press

Chest Press

Then 3 sets of 15 of push ups on the bosu ball.

This is how jacked I was in october… i’d like to be back to that soon…


Random side note-

Know how I though I had allergies and that is why I’ve been feeling so crummy lately? Well I found out that I’ve had bronchitis this whole time….as of Sunday night I was hacking up mad junk (cute I know), and yeah comes to find out I’ve been a sick lil pup.

Planning on going to bed in about half an hour and sleeping forevaaaaah!!




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13 responses to “You be the match…Imma be your fuse…BOOM

  1. Have a good break and I’ll miss your lovely face. I have heard a lot of junk miles just tire your body out more and cause your body to run like junk in races. You are going to rock that marathon in May. 🙂

  2. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Spring break round 2?? JEALOUS! Everyone is getting close to being done for the semester and I still have until 5/19! Boo 😦

    Enjoy your break missy. And I hope you recover from that nasty sounding sickness!

  3. hope you feel better! (and stop coughing up junk haha)

  4. Enjoy your second spring break!

    Feel better soon!

  5. indecisiveathlete

    I want 2 spring breaks! Have fun and feel better!

    I’m def guilty of junk miles…woops

  6. YAHOOO, break for you!! Enjoy your sleep and free time 🙂 Awesome necklace, it is such a good idea “sole sisters” I love it !
    Great job with the lifting girl, junk miles will not bring anything good as far as running!

  7. Okay when I go to your DailyMile page it makes me want to be speedy too….so give me those magic beans that make you so fast.

    Anywho, YAY for spring break number two, I am currently on spring break (one and only) and it is so amazing. Talk about the most sleep I’ve gotten all year. P.s. I love that your friend gave you that awesomesauce necklace, I can’t wait for college when I have my sole sisterssss

  8. runyogarepeat

    You get 2 spring breaks?! Lucky! I definitely agree on the “junk miles,” and sometimes my problem is not doing any slow, recovery runs and making them all hard runs.

    • I know I’m wicked lucky! it’s more of a “easter break” but because were a state school it can’t be called that haha. I don’t do any recovery runs either :/ I feel like such a running noob still even though I’ve done it for so long!

  9. Can I have some tickets to the gun show?

  10. I dont have spring breaks anymore now that im a “grown up” Jealous!! P.s. super cute wedges in the post before!!

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