Is it break yet????

I need a hair cut.

 I straightened my hair…

Dis chica is in desperate need of a hair cut and some highlights..thank god I am getting it done friday. Def at weird girl length. It is almost to my bellybutton…..

Sometimes I forget I’m about to go in public and I leave my pants tucked into my socks…whoops… Pic preworkout. (had to bend over to get the whole outfit in DUH)

in honor of the speedy boston marathoners and in order to regain some confidence after yesterday i decided to do a speed work out. it felt faaaaantastic. i did a 1 mile warm up then 3 miles intervals and finished with 30min arc trainer.

I found out this morning that my wednesday night class is cancelled and we wont be having a quiz wednesday morning in phil SOOO that means after my exam tuesday I can go home!! wooooo! spring break deux whatt whatttttt



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8 responses to “Is it break yet????

  1. Even though I don’t know how to comment on tumblr I lurrveee your hair. Awesomesauce to the max.

  2. indecisiveathlete

    Love love your hair I want mine to be long again I recently cut off 6 in. 😦

    Thats always exciting when breaks come early so awesome!

  3. yea spring break!!
    And your hair is really cute straight!

  4. Have you read Kara Goucher’s new book? I know you’re a big fan of her.

  5. Amy @ countrystrong21

    When my hair was that long my classmates wanted to cut my hair for me because it would knock papers off their desk if they sat behind me. Whoopsie!

    Post some pictures of your new hair do girl!

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