A bunch of goodiessssssssss

BEFORE- Pre run, smile friday photo after my exam this morning. Ps my room looks clean…don’t be deceived it is not at all..

And then I layed in my bed reading cosmo and runners world and watch My big fat greek wedding until about 330 when my friend mitch peer pressured me into leaving to go work out before practice.

And then I could decided- to run or just to cross train, my hip was feeling eh. I decided half run and then half cross train! BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Well it was extremely windy and a bit chilly so I’m glad I didn’t stay out too long. 4 miles, 31 mins and this wind burn later.

OUCH. Look how red my legs were after the run too..burrn that sure isn’t a tan…

annnd then I did arc for 40 minutes then off to soccer practice which was OUTSIDE in 39 DEGREE WEATHER. Anddd I got kicked really hard in the thigh with the ball and now I have a ball print bruise…it’s sweet by my blackberry camera wasn’t giving it justice- so no pic.

Saw this ugli fruit at the pc yesterday and I seriously contemplated buying it…but I have no idea what it would taste like…perhaps next time…

Here’s a pic of my locker at school 😉 I had to clean it today because we have recruits coming tomorrow so I figured I’d share muaha.

Okay 2 more things then I swear I’m done with this massive post… I was reading some junk on triathlons and this was one of the advice. I think this works in things other than running too-

And lastly- earlier today on facebook a photo memory popped up from a year ago when I came to visit my roommates now, but last year in November (they weren’t living together but they both go to my neighboring school where I went freshmen year and one was my roomie fresh year and the other is her bf who I was really good friends with and now we are all a happy family living together in this town house)

This is not a joke. That is me on the right….

This is sam and I again. I look at these photos in shock of who I was even then. I had even lost 25lbs at this point.

Like wow. I just wow. I’ve been  bitching and moaning about my weight right now but then I saw these pictures earlier and shut right up. I’ve come so far- I need to remember this and not get discouraged.



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8 responses to “A bunch of goodiessssssssss

  1. indecisiveathlete

    That is amazing progress in just a year def something to be very proud and probably something to make you feel better on bad days! And that wind burn looks SO painful!

  2. You look awesome girl 🙂 SERIOUSLY, SO INSPIRING!!!
    I love your wind burn hahaha.
    I totally wish I could see the soccer ball print !
    Have a great weekend 😀

  3. proudpatriot07

    You look awesome :). Not that you looked bad in the before photos, but it really shows your hard work. Never had windburn but that looks super painful, and soccer practice in that cold would have to suck royally…

  4. Nikki

    You have come so far! That’s quite amazing!! 🙂 Booooo wind burn!!

  5. Wow. You have come a long way. Never give up, girl.

    And I have those Nike shoes too!

  6. wow! what inspiring pictures!!!
    When I played soccer (like ten years ago) I hated when you got kicked with the ball, especially when it was cold! it always stung!

  7. I am still so confused PLEASE TELL ME YOU RAN BOSTON you would be my idol!!! P.s. you are gorg, I used to be giant and I lost 25-30 pounds early on in high school. I was so unhealthy, goldfish, chocolate chips, and peanut butter had their own food groups. I still can’t get over the fact that we have the same name and are twinnies.

    • girl we are total twinnies and you are about to go to college in my hometown!!!!!!!!!! and i did not run boston 😦 i wish!!!! I am aiming to boston qualify at my marathon in may (may 29th) and if i dont get it then im going to squeeze in another marathon in the fall, and pray that I get in for boston 2012!!!

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