EAT YOUR FATS ..taking this into account….

This morning  I tried  for breakfast. for 2 tiny pancakes it is 2 points, so I had 4 for 4pts…Still not full…they didn’t rise… I don’t know how I feel about these…But 4pts for 4 pancakes…how could I resist?????

A girl’s blog I follow on wordpress (she’s running boston) posted this a couple weeks ago… and I desperately want it. I actually save the pic to my comp thats how badly I want it… I’d wear this every freakin day. ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

As another note- I think I was/am doubting myself too much already. I need to focus and have confidence in myself that I can achieve my goal. My mom sent me a card once that and inside was a magnet.  I’ll forever remember what it said,

It is so true- and when thinking about my goals of BQing I think this quote is perfect. The marathon it self is an amazing accomplishment, even if I’ve done one before. Every run and every race is different, so every marathon is different as well.

I’ll focus in on my training a bit more, listen to my body, enjoy myself and know when to push myself. I think a key to this next marathon is to go into it with a healthy body and confident mindset.


ps. got all my classes;)

Rich and Poor in America

Music Theory

Sociology of the Family (this has a service learning credit where I work with at risk kids 2 days a week for 2 hours)

Counseling Theory/Methods

^^ I only have to actually take 4 classes all year 🙂 I could graduate in December but because I signed a 10 month lease and I really don’t have any ambition to start grad school earlier I’m going to stay a whole year. This being said I saved Senior Seminar for Spring semester and I’ll have to take 3 randoms just so I can have a full course load…SUP SENIOR YEAR YOU LOOKINNNN GOOOOOOODDDD

Oh what’s that? You wanted to see what my lion mane of hair looks like when I don’t put product in it or if I don’t braid it….

Frightening eh?

So then this afternoon after all my classes it was beautiful out and I was so pumped to go run- with no focus on a time no mile goal, just to run.

So I don’t know if this happens to you guys but running is a lot like driving long distances for me. The first half (or trip there in a car) takes forever and I just really want to be there. And then the second half (or ride home) FLIES by. Overall a very good feeling run- I had some slight hip pain at the end, but the weather was beyond amazing and I can’t really complain at all. 8 miles in 1 hour 3 mins I’d call that a good day.

You see that guys- this photo is not enhanced… I think I see some tan starting….A girl can dream can’t she? The mane has been tamed as well.

So this is how my evening will be spent…well add studying for a philosophy exam as well…but mainly these three things…


Q- What are you favorite magazines? I love gossip mags but lately I’ve been all about these puppies.



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2 responses to “EAT YOUR FATS

  1. My favorite magazines are Women’s Health and Runner’s. I read all the trashy magazines too.

  2. i love gossip mags, especially when on the treadmill!

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