Today I ran 6 miles (46min24sec) OUTSIDE IN THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!It was 56 and sunny and beautiful!!! Annnd then I had soccer practice…inside…whaaaaaaaaaaaat?? <—- WHY INSIDE????? I don’t understand it either.

(secret- this shirt isnt mine, my numbers 1…i stole a girl that quits shirt because 1) i love these shirts and 2) i havent done laundry in 2 weeks and mine was starting to smell…)

Funny story 🙂 So at practice today we only had 5 girls, so for this one drill we had to do sprints with the ball, full width of the court, turn w ball, back to half, turn with ball, back to same side then full sprint back. Well since there was 5 of us my coach said I should do mine all by myself (meaning no breaks) because i can call it cross training hahaah So I did all our drills double today. He joked and said “you clearly need to work on your fitness” <— in his british accent. Anyways even though I had to do more work (obv not upset about that) I felt happy because that meant he knew I could do them all by myself.

I GET TO REGISTER FOR SEINOR CLASSES TOMORROW-WOW WOW WOW WOWOWOWOW Seriously even with transferring a billion times, these 4 years have zooomed by!!

Tell me something awesome you did today! Or something awesome you have planned for this up coming week!



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  1. Something awesome I did today was combine cottage cheese, ice cream, and cereal. Yessirey. It tasted like heaven.

  2. SUN! Finally!!! I’m so glad winter is O-V-E-R (knock on wood! ahaha)

    Something awsome? Farmers market saturday! WOO!

  3. Did you get yo classes giiirll?
    I’m glad you got an awesome run in too! Obviously. From your tumblr, I hope your papers wrote themselves.

  4. Woo senior classes! You gotta blog all about which ones you picked!!!!

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