Buy me a Corgi NOW

I’ve seriously been slacking on this blog- Just the past weeks have been absolutely nuts and honestly I don’t  see it looking up until after finals!!!

I’ve been keeping up with my tumblr though- sorta… so my latest whatevah has been there (

Anyways- I’m trying to have a better outlook on things of all sorts.. running…food…friends…life in general.



So since I feel like I’ve shared nothing with you guys! Here are some random things about me in the past couple weeks…

1) I am playing soccer again and I’ve had practice mucho amounts lately. This weekend I actually went out with the soccer girls and had a really good time! Woohoo to making more friends!

2) I really really really want a corgi puppy 😦 Look how stinkin’ cute this one is!!!

3) I have developed a slight obsession with hot sauce lately…

4) I really want to start biking and swimming this summer- I think a change and adding more things into my exercise routine will make me not stress over running and keep me interested in lifeeee. You can now buy me this bike..thank you.

5) Now that I can use the soccer locker room again I can take really great mirror photos…be really excited…because I am 🙂 


There’s prob more…I just don’t know what… How have you all been? This Sunday I’m running a half marathon so Thurs-Sat I will be doing nothing!! AKA TONS OF BLOG STALKING YAAYAYAYAYAYYYY!!!


Q- Do you love give aways??? I wish I would win one hahaa or I wish I had anything fun to give away…




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6 responses to “Buy me a Corgi NOW

  1. that corgi is sooooo cute! good luck with your run!

  2. The puppy is so adorable.

    This summer I want to bike and swim more too. I determined to do no matter what.

  3. proudpatriot07

    Aww… PUPPY!!! *cue chorus of “awws”*

    Glad soccer is going well and you’re making friends with the other girls :).


  4. hey busy lady!
    And you are running a half marathon. You are a stud!
    And that dog is adorable!

  5. Yay! I have missed you and your posts that make me laugh 🙂
    You are making me want a Corgi!
    Glad you are playing soccer 🙂 If you have any swimming questions, you know who to ask 😉

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