sorrrry sorrry sorrry sorrry!!

I have been way busy the past week. Like ridiculous amounts. This past weekend I had some 21 year old birthday celebrations with the fam and friends!

Hung with my mom and broskiii Saturday then off to visit some friends at another college to celebrate her 21st!

^^ They are bonding over how “cool” they are with their iPhones…BLACK BERRY FOR LIFE BEETCHESSS

Last night I discovered that my hair is long enough that I don’t need to wear a shirt anymore….

Overall- I’ve done some running,… and rejoined my college soccer team. I was regretting ending already and was leaving the team high and dry. I realized I can (and already do) run competitively for the rest of my life- but only one more year of college soccer. I realize this is the devils advocate of why I WANTED to do cross country. But I think the fact that I made the moves- talked to the coaches all that- and still decided soccer, shows that

This being said I am now training for my marathon ON TOP of college soccer. Should be um…great? Example- yesterday I did a 8 mile run then had soccer practice. Only 8 girls could make it to practice so we scrimmaged 3v3 for 2 hours…1 sub for each team…yikes. I am beat. My left foot has a massive blister too because i havent worn my turfs in so long.


All in all- lifes been pretty great lately. I’ve got night class tonight and some other shambles and this weekend my brothers coming to visit with his friend mike!!! I’m very excited 🙂

More shambles with this bromaha nebroska


Q- Please catch me up on your lives!!! I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO BLOG STLAK AT ALL!!! Maybe I can after class tonight!



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8 responses to “sorrrry sorrry sorrry sorrry!!

  1. Amy @ countrystrong21

    How rude of college and other commitments to interfer with your blogging and blog stalking! 😉 Hope you’ll be able to find a little more time in your busy life for the blogging world, not that I don’t understand being busy, but I’ve definitely missed you!

    Next week I can get a new phone and my thoughts are either the Blackberry Torch or an iPhone pretty much…why are you Blackberry for life?? Tell me what’s good about it and what you don’t like…I wanna know!

    • Hello! Blackberrys really aren’t that awesome haha I’m just being bitter that my mother and brother both have iphones… personally either one is great. obvs the iphone can do more but touch phones overwhelm me haha

      • Amy @ countrystrong21

        I currently have the Samsung Impression which is a touch screen with a full keyboard…which is why I am fairly confident I would like the Blackberry Torch, touch screen w/full keyboard still. But I don’t know, I’ve never had smart phone. Do you think Blackberry apps are comparable to iPhone apps??

  2. Happy (late) birthday! I hope it was fantastic.

  3. Hey busy lady! Looks like youve been busy.
    I didnt understand the soccer thing, but if your glad to be back-Im happy for you! I swam in college, so I know how tough college sports can be.
    Im glad your back!

  4. I agree with everyone. How dare college interfere with your blogging. I think you should run and play soccer.

    I think your bff will miss you. I think I can’t wait for our dinner date. Oh yes, I can’t find my phone so please text me but I’ll tell you here. Me, you and our hella fast bff at lehman Friday. So yes text me your response. You will still do fabulous on the marathon and I will miss running xc with you. :(:(

  5. AHHH I missed your bloggin! So glad you are back now 😉
    Black berry for lifeeee ❤

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