Someone sign this girl up with a modeling contract

I am about to show you how to properly show off your new running jacket…

Damn that is one good looking jacket…

So I finally laced up (thanks to you guys ;)) and I had no idea how many miles I was going to run- at most 10…and least..well I don’t know. So I ran to the other cemetery today which has many o hills inside. I don’t know why but I love running in cemeteries…I find it very peaceful. Anyways only ended up doing 4.5 at a very slow pace, I took in the weather and the route and incorporated some hills. It took me so long to leave my apartment to go that I was hungs for lunch at 4 miles so I said screw it and went home. After lunch I grabbed my cross trainers and went and did 40 mins elliptical and then some lunges/squats.

CANADIAN GEEEEEEEEEESEEEE^^ Some were also on the path I was running on and they kept honking at me hahaha I won’t lie I was a little afraid they were going to chase me.

I know this sounds really dumb but I feel out of my groove. I am contemplating stepping on the scale in the near future and starting my weight watchers over again. No more maintenance… But this time around I’d add for the running..where as last time I did not…

Q- Do you have photobooth or a camera on your laptop?? Seriously best thing ever…



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11 responses to “Someone sign this girl up with a modeling contract

  1. proudpatriot07

    I have the same prob. I was going to run 6 tonight and only managed a 5K, and being out of my groove, I weighed, didn’t like the number, etc, the cycle just starts over again. It sucks. Don’t do it! 4.5 mile and cross training is awesome, that’s so much more than what most people did today, right?

    Love the new running jacket and how you saw geese on the run… the scenery is so pretty where you live even if it is super cold :).


    • You have such a good positive outlook! Thank you!! I hope today was a better day for your run- when ever I start feelin down completely about my runs/work out, I just think, at least I did x amount rather than skipping it all!

  2. love the new jacket!
    I have never ran in a cemetery. But I have friends that do, it kindof freaks me out haha

  3. Ahh cemetary running. I have a cemetery by my house and I always want to run there but I didn’t know if it is like .. legal? Now I don’t feel so bad 🙂 Ummmm your jacket? SEXY !

  4. runyogarepeat

    Photobooth is the best, kinda addicting!
    I’ve never even thought to run in a cemetery. My fav place to run is on trails!

  5. Damn girl. Modeling agencies will be tracking you down.
    Hahah. Photobooth is addicting.

    Looks like a great run.

  6. Um yeah… while canadians are known to be super nice (I’m clearly the exception), the geese aer definitly NOT. those things are SCARY!!!

  7. AntosDoesLife

    HAHAHAHA. Love the photo shoot. Awesome new jacket!

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