A day in the life…

This is what I see outside my apartment….the neighborhood gang is really tough…

This morning in class this random girl was solving a rubix cube while the professor was lecturing….

and then 3 minutes later she had solved it…..IMPRESSIVE. I don’t even think a professor can be mad about that.

Soo you were curious how to dress when you rob a bank? Well let me show you…

Straight robber worthy running outfit todayyyyy! 4 miles in 30min 14 seconds 😉 It was wayyy more chilly than yesterday, even though it was the same temp. But this time more wind and NO SUN. Boo I want the sun my skin needs it. Popped into the fitness center for 40 mins on the arc trainer then abssssss (yet they are still non existent right meow BOO)

This is how you dry your sweaty clothes. First spray them with fabreeze…let them dry…wear the next day…repeat… I SWEAR I’M DOING LAUNDRY FRIDAY ASAP WHEN I GET HOME.

Annnnd this is how you properly ice your leg…With a 3lb bag of mixed vegetables.

** Yes my room is seriously messy…I plan on cleaning it…when I pack…bahaha. **

So there you go- a day in the life ;). 4 1/2 hours until mahhh birthday!!! ayyyy ayyyy get sooomeee.

There is still time for sending me birthday presents! Here are the acceptable gifts-

-Corgi Puppy, scratch that any puppy…Rizzo wants a friend

– http://www.trekbikes.com/women/wsd_products/bikes/road/lexa/  <– that bike or any of the sort

Kara’s speed

– or a date with him –>




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13 responses to “A day in the life…

  1. sorry I cant send you any of those presents……packing mcsteamy in a box might be alittle difficult haha
    I hope you have a great birthday! And I never thought of spraying running clothes with febreeze. I hate when I wash workout clothes they get stretched out!

  2. AntosDoesLife


    I don’t know what is worse, the girl solving the rubics cube or you taking pictures of the girl solving the rubics cube!

    I have a nalgene in THAT SAME COLOR. We’re twins.


  3. runyogarepeat

    Happy Birthday soon!!!
    I’ve never seen someone do rubics cubes in class, but there is always a girl knitting in one of my classes. She also wears her obviously hand-knitten gloves & hats to every class. I creep on her pretty bad, haha.

  4. proudpatriot07

    Haha, that’s funny that someone was solving a rubics cube in class. I’m pretty sure at my alma mater people are just on facebook. Back when I was in college, we doodled, talked, or just didn’t bother going to class if we didn’t want to be there! Hope you guys get some sun soon, although I don’t know how you could really ever get a tan having to wear so much clothes up there for running!

    BTW, I did that same thing with clothes in college so that I didn’t have to wash them. Febreeze works wonders (it also works on bed sheets too, btw).


  5. Your life is so much fun 🙂 I like your febreeze habit HAHA and dude that girl with the cube… LEGIT

  6. There is a way to solve rubix cubes in under 5 minutes. It is a basic algorithm. Um I may or may not have learned about this from some math class.

  7. Did you take the picture of that girl without her knowing?

    I’ll take Kara’s speed any day of the week. (:

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