This morning I caught up on my favorite podcast- Wait wait, don’t tell me!


You should probably go listen now…. because it’s awesome sauce...as most things on NPR are…


I finally got my butt in gear after the show ended and prepared for the 12 miles ahead of me!


BEFORE: Smile on my face and unaware of the cold and windy run I was about to embark on. ANNNND reppin my cuse pride 🙂

AFTER: VERY COLD (only 23 “feels like 14” out) Wind was AWFUL. My grandma hips were really feeling it around mile 8 and I seriously contemplated only running 10 miles. Pushed through and ran through the “park” by the water and came across a black great dane!

Which looked like this guy-

Even though the dog had tags on him I seriously wanted to take him home with me 😦 I hope his owner was in the park somewhere. He was VERY friendly!

Anyways- finished the 12miles in 1 hour 38 minutes. I know this isn’t “slow” but it seriously felt very slow and sloppy for me today. I def think the lack of sleep and the fact my gas tanks on empty right now contributed to this poor run. I’m glad I finished it all and didn’t give up.

Annnnd my friend showed me this song today…seriously on repeat all dayyyy. Happy Sunday all!


Q- Have you ever encountered animals on your runs? Hollie once saw a family of bears up here!! I’ve seen lots of deer  and rabbits before but today was the first time I came across a random dog.



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7 responses to “WAIT WAIT, DON’T TELL ME!

  1. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Our neighbors have two dogs, the younger of the two likes to run out of the yard and on to the road when my family is walking with our dog. While the dog is friendly I find it irritating and even though it’s a country dirt road I fear that one day the dog will be hit by a car.

    Another neighbor has horses, they some times like to come close to the road and follow us down the road for a ways.

    Oh yea, and there are cows that we walk past too. Some of them like to stare, some ignore us completely, and my favorites are the babies that like to run around while we’re walking past.

  2. I listen to Wait wait, don’t tell me! all the time. No joke. I love it.

    And I have encountered mostly dogs and cats on my runs. I have stepped on a few slugs though.

  3. proudpatriot07

    I’ve never heard of that show but it sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll check it out. It sounds like it would be cool to listen to while I’m at work (I work a desk job).

    Congrats on the 12 miles in that time, that’s really awesome. I’ve encountered animals on runs but usually not in a good way (i.e. the pack of dogs that was running/walking toward me when some genius who planned my last race started the pet walk when I was finishing the 10K!).

    Hope you have a warm afternoon after the cold run!


  4. Im sorry to hear you thought it was a sloppy run. I hate those. BUT I think that time is still AMAZING!
    I have encountered a dog on my run, and he bite me. no joke haha

    • OMG I would be so freaked if a dog bite me!!!! I’ve never been bite, other than playfully. I am OBSESSED with dogs though so even if one bite me I’d prob still love it hahaha

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