it’s the freakin weekend baby im about to have me some fun

Smile Friday!!

Friday I went OUTSIDE again for a run!

And I decided not to wear leg spandex things. I’m sick of them and I am going to have this wishful thinking method where if I pretend like it is warm out it will feel warm out….

At least there is sun??

Surprisingly nice scene during the run!

Proof of hard work 😉

Want to know a gross fact about that run friday? I don’t do laundry at school (I have enough clothes and am grimey enough that I wear dirty clothes all the time) I just wait until I go home next. Well in my run Tuesday my toes bled, and my socks got all bloody naturally. Well me being me, I wore those socks again muahaha

and dennn my weeekend has started off like disssss….

Dunkin ice coffee…;)

I really have no energy to blog right now- I’ve gotten like umm 3 hours of sleep. My friend Meg came to visit and we went out with some of our guy friends from home looong story short I am beat. I attempted a run today…3 miles in before I wanted to boot bahah, my own fault, and so I stuck with 50 mins arc trainer and called it a day. Now I plan on reading all my magazines, catching up on some boobtube and sleeping by 10 so I can run 12 miles tomorrow <—- WOOO!
Side note- Last night I drank for the first time in 2 years. Holy big steps. I never had anything against drinking it was just the easiest thing to eliminate from my life when I first started losing weight, and the longer I went without drinking the less I felt the urge to drink. Well last night in celebration of Megan and everything I said ta heck with it and got straight up drunk. Will this effect my training- no, will I become a big alcoholic again- Hellz to the no. But it was a very fun night and I don’t regret it at all.




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14 responses to “it’s the freakin weekend baby im about to have me some fun

  1. proudpatriot07

    Haha… I was that way about laundry in college and for a long time even post-college. I’ve gone 3 weeks without doing laundry before because for a long time, I wanted to wait until I ran out of something to wash clothes, haha. Usually I ran out of sports bras first, lol.

    Yay for 700 miles!

  2. BAHAHA. Grime girls unite!

    I’m glad you had such a fun night with Meghan. Although I haven’t seen you in forevs or talked to you schmeee.

  3. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Congrats on 700 miles girl!

    I too don’t do laundry as often as I should. Can I join you and Hollie in being a grime girl? LOL

    Love the pictures you posted 😀

  4. I totally want to be your running buddy.
    Nice job on the 700 miles!

  5. I love that you aren’t ashamed to say you re-wore your bloody socks 🙂 TROOPERRRRR

  6. 700 MILES!!!! holy sh** thats alot. AWESOME JOB!

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