Holding True To My Word

As I posted yesterday no matter what the weather is I will be running outside. NO MORE TREADMILL (but oh how I still love youuu <33). Anyways- this morning it was a chilly 21 but feels like 17 out and with peer pressure in my head from Mollie 🙂 I just HAD to hold true on this no matter how I was feeling.

So I bundled up (I look like an alien- meeep meeep)

And I hit the pavement! 10 miles, 1 hour and 18 minutes. Wham. Bam. Thank you M’am.


Came back to this treat- I guess it’s time to cut my toenails….

Ps. for my raw ankle I’ve been doing a bandaid and wraping it with prewrap for more cushion, but I’m def going to go buy that new skin or whatever you call it this weekend. And I don’t wanna talk about my pale skin color…GIVE ME SUN. (<– a plus to breaking up with the treadmill I am now getting a daily dose of ze sunnnn)

Came home to leftovers from last night (nooom they were better than last night)

Chicken with rub (idk what its called…its good and amazing you should buy it) and whole grain rice pilaf and broccoli! Oh and chocolate milk (RECOVERY DRINK TO DA MAXXX) and HYDRATION NUDGE.


Went to the DMV to renew/get my new big girl 21 year old license (um please note exactly 6 days until my birthday- message me for my address for where you can send me the corgi puppy you all bought me…)

Be mine. Rizzo wants a friend.




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6 responses to “Holding True To My Word

  1. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Congrats on hitting the pavement for your run today. If you lived in Wisconsin I think it definitely would have been a treadmill day…we experienced a late winter blizzard (including thunder and lightning!). My mom’s boss “strongly encouraged her to consider going home early” so my mom and I got a work snow day for half the day…yea roads are CRAP here.

    Awww cuuute puppy!

  2. YAY! I’m glad you were able to run outside. I actually decided to give myself a rest day which is what I needed for real. I already feel so much more alive hehe.

  3. AntosDoesLife

    Hahahaha. Alien like. Love winter running clothes.


  4. It is almost your birthday! YAYAYAY!!! As for running.. girl you are BRAVE 🙂 I have to do my half marathon this weekend and it is going to be 30*.. I will not complain when I think of you!

    • Ahhhh I know!!!! So soon!! I hope you are excited for your half marathon! One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard, and I say it whenever I feel weak/ scared to do anything(running wise) is

      “Man imposes his own limitations, don’t set any”

      YOu will rock it! and dont even bother looking at the forecast from today on! its better not to know!

  5. happy early birthday!
    and what an awesome run! I hate being cold, but the treadmill is no fun……its a catch 22! haha

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