No Duh

I am seriously obsessed with this song right now.



I hear by pledge to all of you that from here on out my runs will be done outside. No more treadmill I am officially breaking up with it. I have relied too much on it and it is causing me to not know my pace and how to pace myself properly. So from here on out, 80% (I’m being realistic there will be times when weather will NOT allow me to go outside) of my runs will be outside. Rain, wind, heat, humidity, snow, whatever it throws at me I will be running in it. This should not only help me in the long run (baha like that pun) meaning for the marathon, but it should help me get a better grasp of knowing my pace and pushing myself rather than the treadmill pushing me. Activate bad-ass mode.

How did I come up with this? Well today it was sunny and 41 out so I finally went outside for my 5mile run. I way over dressed (as note) ->

(this was after ze run- red faced and puffy gotta love how attractive i can look).

Yeah and way over dressed totes didn’t need half my clothes hahaha.

Anyways the first half of the run SUCKED. I was hot, my shins hurt, my pace was all over the place and I was super anxious and unfocused. Then I came up with the thought that I don’t run outside enough and clearly (like how one would hate the treadmill if all they did was run outside) it would be tough because it wasn’t what I’m used to. Sooo yah. I had that epiphany and then hid my garmin under my jacket and just ran- and it turned from a crappy run to a successfull 38min24sec 5 miler 😉 I’ll take it.

You like my nun look? I think I can def pull it off…not sure if that is a good thing…

dattts more like it. Off to make some chicken, rice and brussel sprouts wooooo!

Oh yah…and massive amounts of studying for ze middies on thursday boooo.

SIDE NOTE- Um I’ve had the “new” Taylor Swift album since like ummm this fall and I didn’t really love it when I bought it…but I just recently started listening to it again and OMGZZZ Like seriously Enchanted <—- now that ish is awesome sauce.

Oh yah and look at my animal crackers I had earlier teeheehee

Muahah they were stuck together like that…


Q- When you find a new song do you listen to it on repeat like it’s your j.o.b? Because I’ve seriously listened to this song about a bill times meow…



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5 responses to “No Duh

  1. AntosDoesLife

    Bahahahahah. We are such little kids with the animal crackers.

    And yes, my song currently is “Blow” by Ke$ha and the “Black and Yellow” G-Mix. Can’t get enough of it.


  2. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Forizzle…new songs are listened to repeatedly because I LOVE them. Currently I’m not listening to anything over and over again but over winter break it was Shake That Thing by Gwyenth Paltro from the movie Country Strong. Oh yea…and like every song on Jason Aldean’s latest album. Btw…I love Taylor Swift’s latest album…Back to December is what got me hooked.

  3. runyogarepeat

    T Swift rocks! I blare her songs while I’m driving and probably look like a 16 year old teenager while doing it (aka my little sister). I fully support your treadmill breakup – running outside is MUCH better than the boring machine.

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