Oh how we age

Baby Rizzo (2007)

MAH Baybee Rizzo (2011)

I dont now this exact year but it was prob around 1996 but me being supaaa cool obvs


Sorry guys- not much went on over hurr today. Class, 50 min arc trainer, did a research study for extra credit (oh what i do for good grades), and i’ve been studying for my middies all day/evening BOOOO.

Oh and in a slight depression on how awful my bracket did this weekend…I have officially lost…Guess SU winning it all was a bad idea 😦 BUT I HAD TO STAY TRUE

I have taken like a billion days off from the 30 day challenge…whoops…but mainly because it started getting boring and strange…sorrryyyy bahah

Q- Did you fill out a bracket for the NCAA Tourney?? If so who did you pick to win it all! How is your bracket doing so far?


Oh and go check out this great giveaway!!



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One response to “Oh how we age

  1. You are failure with your 1000 brackets. mkay.

    I wish we could have been BFFS back in your prime of 1996. That was my prime too. We would have been so schmeeee.

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