Ninja style


Today I looked like a ninja at the gym. Seriously though this might be my favorite work out outfit ever. I wore my brand new shorts which are so freakin comfy and amazeballs I can’t even express it to you noobs.  (um also do I seriously need 2 hair ties on my wrist when I have 2 in my hair already??)

Ran 4miles in 29min 47 seconds 😉 then….

Rocked out to DMX’s “X gonna give it to ya” on repeat for my whole time I was upstairs.

Upstairs Oww my Abs Routine (straight up had me sweatin hard):

Stretch big time.

25 push ups, (1 min) normal plank, right side plank,  left side plank

25 push ups, 50 squats, 50 lunges

25 push ups, (at least a min but until fail) normal plank , right side plank, left side plank

25 push ups, 50 squats, 50 lunges

Stretch. Bounce outta thurrr.

Side note- During my run I started craving a cheese burger- which is totally weird for me because I NEVER eat red meat because I don’t normally like it…( oh and do you guys think about food sometimes when you work out/run??) so when I came home I wanted one on the grill…we had no burgers…fail…an omelette was a poor substitute.

Now I’m off to burn this killer cd I just made for my ride back to school. Taylor Swift and Florence and the Machines…DEF a goodie 🙂

Also if anyone has some tips on how to protect my ankles or why they keep getting ripped up that would be lovely- because my left ankle is now starting to get raw like my right now, and the right one just keep getting ripped open again (I’ll save your eyes from another picture…)

Q- Do you have certain work out outfits that you feel like you look more bad ass/ work harder in?



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7 responses to “Ninja style

  1. AntosDoesLife

    I totally have a black favorite shirt that makes me feel like such a pro runner. It’s my favorite!

    Have you tried higher socks, double layered socks or mole skin. I used to have blisters on the inside of my arch but once they turn to callouses all is good…but they stink when they hurt!

    Awesome job on the 4 miles, you are a speed demon for sure!

    • Hahah thanks girl- and I have special non blister socks, they are called swiftwick? But it isnt a blister its like the back of my shoe keeps cutting into my heels it just started happening with these new shoes 😦 booo. But I love the shoes still haha I am hoping my ankles just callous but so far they just are raw.

  2. I would say wear long socks but that never works. I normally just wait for mine to blister over and then they get all hard and crusty and don’t bleed. Incase you ever wanted to get that visual.

    I prefer my pink spandex which I haven’t wore in a while. How depressing.

  3. Wear long socks?! Oh yeah, I answered your question on my blog (idk if it sends you an email letting you know? lol.)
    I totally have favorite workout outfits too and it isn’t a good workout unless I’m wearing it 😉
    Your routine sounds LEGITTTT. I think I would die hahahaha.. Happy 1st day of spring 😀

  4. runyogarepeat

    Um, yes I spend most of my runs planning out my post-run meal/snack. It even pushes me to sprint at the end of my runs!
    Black outfits obviously make me feel hardcore too, but I also have a favorite green dri-wick running shirt that is a good luck charm for my long runs.

  5. Amy @ countrystrong21

    I feel your pain girl…I too have a pair of shoes that when I walk/run in them they cut up my heel, actually just one of them. Long socks just don’t cut it either. Luckily I don’t have to wear those shoes unless absolutely necessary. But in your case, maybe you could try big bandaids (think knee or just really big). I think that by using a big bandaid that they wouldn’t come off while running. Oh and the cloth bandaids stick like crazy, much better than the plastic ones! Hope you can figure something out!

    I currently do not have a work out outfit that makes me feel badass or work harder. Maybe I should work on that 😉

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