Lovin this weekend :)

Okay- so as I continue on with this blog little bits and piece of my life come out 😉 and I love it. Little secrets of who I was slash still am.
Today’s lesson, I used to be a “scene” kid. Yup. I was. My current best friend Brittany actually used to not like me because she thought I was “weird”. My scene phase was pretty much from 7th grade until middle of 10th grade. I used to go to ska shows and punk concerts. In the span of 4 years I went to prob over 45 concerts, one being the most awesome sauce concert series ever- WARPED TOUR. Yup.


Yup- I was cool kid style. And really tan…hmmm jealous of that.

Well I was just listening to Against Me!, which was one of the bands I was obsessed with during my phase haha, actually come to think of it… I still listen to the same music, I just don’t go to shows and hang out with other “scene” kids. My old best friend when I was sceneish and I have actually been talking a lot recently and I think this summer we’re going to hang out some more, so that should be a blast from the past!

moving on now….

Today was friggen stellar. Well let me start over, yesterday was friggen stellar and it has just smooshed over into the awesomeness of today. Yesterday when I got home I hit up the JCC (as we know from the post). Anyways also run led to start of an awesome evening. I got to hang on Britts couch with my three best friends watching bball and dickin around!! Then I went to pick up my loser friends Brian and Dan from a local bar- I absolutely love these boys and their drunkenmessiness was highhhharlious last night. Plain and simple I can’t wait to for them to get off break so we can hang out more (we go to school in the same town but I never see them because our scheds are so dif).


Theeeeeeeen today. WOoah. Today has been great. I slept in until 820 <– WHO AM I??? It’s because I was up until 2:30…

Then iceman (my father- we call him ice t, or ice man) made me some of his great chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast nooom. I waited for them to digest than hit up the jsizzle! I knew I wanted a longer ish run and I want to increase my speed because I want to BQ in may!! Anyways this being said and the fact I’m finally not sick, I needed to get my ace in gear and start working towards my goal with a more focused manor.


So today I did 8 miles, first 3.1 miles at 24:10, second 3.1 miles at 22:10, and last 1.8 at 13:16. It felt friggen great and over all I ran the fasted 8 miles I’ve ever done 😉 under an hour bayyybeee!

And with the nice 8-er under my belt it left me with a pleasant (not) surprise…

Oh hello even more ripped up ankle… it was a killer to shower- I seriously showered with my leg outside of it…nbd

So I posted on my dailymile ( um add mehhh if you’ve got it!!) and my buddies on there decided my goal of 1:45 for the half was too slow! so they changed it to 1:35 for me…EEK I gotta get workin!! April 17th I’m comin for yah 😉

Now off to potentially pick out some birthday gifts, and by that I mean have my mom buy me running gear and we call it a birthday gift….

Q- What was your favorite birthday gift you ever got?



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4 responses to “Lovin this weekend :)

  1. MM girl red blistery feet-how enjoyable! That makes me so happy that you are feeling way better. You are going to rock that half marathon we are doing. Hell yessss.

  2. runyogarepeat

    You rocked that 8 miler! Good luck on your half time goal. For my birthday last year, my boyfriend got me a ipod touch, which was totally unexpected but awesome cause my old ipod had just died a few weeks ago.

  3. OHHHH poor ankle!!! I feel yesterday on my run. Just scrapped my knee and camera 😦

  4. Wow fast 8 miles but sorry about your “surprise”! I think my favprite ever birthday present was, oh, a horse! 13th b-day! To borrow at least – got my own horsey later. 🙂

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