now back to your regularly scheduled program…

So the flu my have gotten the best of me this week, but I came back today and proved I could kick its boottaaayyy outta hurr.

I was sick as a dog again yesterday. I tried to run the 5k (bad decision) just a little after a mile into it I had to dodge into the closest building to bond with its toilets…yikes…So then feeling super sick/down/upset with myself I wanted to finish the 5k…so I went to the fitness center and did 2 more miles and honestly it was awful. I hurt, I felt disgusting annnnd I had not really eaten since Tuesday.  I didnt even post yesterday because I was having just such an awful day.

And then this morning I woke up feeling shitty (baha like that pun) and even when I drove home I felt nast. BUT THEN I came home and my best friend britty wanted to go to the JCC so obvs I could not say no!

My plan was- just run until you feel sick then stop. Don’t over do it, just run. AND HELLOOOO I ran 6 miles in 47mins 😉 SUCCESS this chica is back.


Now I’m off to go hang out with my best friends in the worlddd and watch some good ol march madness allll night 🙂 WOOO!!! Enjoy your weekend everyone!




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5 responses to “now back to your regularly scheduled program…

  1. Awe YESS! Although I miss you, I’m glad you had an awesome sauce workout!

    You are going to be back soon. Have fun at homeee.

  2. Amy @ countrystrong21

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better girl!

    Enjoy your weekend at home!

  3. Oh noooo illness SUCKS!! But so HAPPY that you’re feeling better now and had a KICK-ASS run!! Love it! 😀

    Sounds like an AWESOME weekend so I might fly over and join ya, k? 😉

  4. The Teenage Taste

    Glad your feeling better girl! That workout was amazing! WOW! 😀

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