Attack of the DREADMILL

Yesterday was my rest day…and I felt fine- not tired, not sore…NOTHING. So why in Gods name did I wake up this morning feeling like a bus ran over me?? I thought maybe I just needed some food and then a lil exercise and I’d feel better. EEERRRR Wrong. I felt like I was going to blow chunks right after my oatmeal, so I drove to ATT (because my blackberry is broken FAIL) but it wasn’t open yet (double fail). Instead I bounced over to the gym.

The DREAMILL got me good this time. I  was able to muster-out a 2.7 mile run and that was it- I seriously thought I was going to embarrassingly throw up all over the fitness center. I went over to the arc trainer and did 20 more minutes (still feeling like absolute crap) and left.


And then I had no desire to eat lunch whatsoever- but in hopes of upping my calorie intake- I could not afford to not eat. I made a green monster and had one of themuffins I made. Annnnd then felt like it was all going to come back up.


Went to my afternoon classes and fell asleep in both (<– um major sign I am sick- I NEVER SLEEP IN CLASSES OR TAKE NAPS).

Came home-had to go BACK to ATT because they messed up (fail x3). Overall-today is not good. I was supposed to do 5 miles on the training sched but it is not happening- I am not pushing this, I want to be feeling good again.

OOh and it’s 720 and I want to be in bed…sleeping…


Last time I went to Disney was June 2009 and I looked like THIS

I can’t wait to run through this park as a completely different person!!



Day 18 – A picture of your biggest insecurity

Besides my weight (obvious) it would be that I am afraid I’ll be alone foreverrr waaaaaaaaaaah

Q- Do you get sick often? 24 hour bug? I don’t EVER get sick for long periods of time- usually just the buggggs



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11 responses to “Attack of the DREADMILL

  1. AntosDoesLife

    Awwwwww! I’m sorry you’re feeling pooey today. 😦 Get better but you’re doing the right thing by not pushing it! I did that last week and am feeling better already!

    And you will never be alone forever! There is someone out there for everyone!

  2. Oh no! Go get some sleep and rest! You deserve a personal health day tomorrow!

  3. I was going to figure how to reply on your tumblr but I couldn’t figure it out after 20 million minutes. I have gotten the 24 hour bug before and it is no fun. 😦

    I also miss our Arc seshess. Schmee. I didn’t see you at all today minus at 12:30 for .00483 seconds.

    And you will not be alone. Um I could make a really snide comment to cheer you up but I’ll do it in person. Please read my mind and realize who I’m talking about. 😉

  4. Oh no I hope you feel better! (and dont throw up- I hate that!)
    In that disney picture, is the girl on the left you? You look like a totaly different person!How did you do it?!?!?!?

  5. runyogarepeat

    Ugh, hope you feel better! When is the Disney marathon? I’m thinking about my first marathon next year (ahh!), and I wanna do a fun one.
    I hate being sick. I had the worst stomach bug flying home from Colorado in January. I couldn’t even muster the strength to turn on and listen to my ipod. Traveling + sickness = NOT fun at all.

    • Disney is jan 5-7th! DOOO ITT! There is a half marathon too! Its supposed to be such a fun marathon- you run through all the parks!! and you get a free all day pass to all the parks after 😉 can’t complain with that! Ugh i would HATE being sick and traveling I’m such a wimp like all I wanna do is sleep when Im sick

  6. I am getting sick too 😦 BLEEEH. I hope you feel better cause I know exactly how you feel…. which blackberry do you have? I have the Pearl 🙂 I like your picture in Disney, I just wanted to say I think you look great in that picture even though you may not think so. Really 🙂 I really mean it! Have a great day and feel better!

  7. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Good choice to not push yourself! Sorry to hear that you are feeling crummy. I can relate…I’ve been sick since Saturday booo!

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