Lil, do we serve water with our whiskey?

As you may (or may not) know, I am running a half marathon April 17th and my next full marathon on May 29th. This being said- recovering and resting after the Feb 20th marathon is over with!

This week I was back on the grind doing 30miles already for this week. This time around I am following a plan from Nike running and I’m adapting it slightly (adding speed/hill work outs- it’s mainly for me to have a base of how many weekly miles and when each long run should be). This weeks long run called for 8 miles.

This is the longest run I’ve done post marathon and man it felt great. It was also fast than first time around, which I HOPE becomes a common trend. I ran 8 miles in 1 hour and 47 seconds.

The run itself felt great- I did it at the gym so I could use their foam roller after because I left mine at my apartment (wahhh). After the run I went to take off my shoe and POW my BRAND SPANKIN NEW SHOES WERE RED..>WTF

Low and behollllllllddddddddd as I took off my sock I saw THIS


(Gratuitous picture of your calfs flexing in the mirror and showing off the raw ankle picture of the week….) A raw ankle for sure! Let’s just say showering was PAINFUL (um yes big steps I showered today… )

** Also- I feel like if I force spring like activities (wearing sandals, not wearing a coat, wearing gym shorts to the gym rather than sweats over them…) then it will FORCE spring to come sooner….hey a girl can dream can’t she?**


Last night for dinner we had shrimp with risotto and a side of brussel sprouts annnnddd RUTABAGA FRIES!! I got this recipe from one of my fav bloggers Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers!

Um completely random side note- I am currently watching Coyote Ugly and it was just the “water scene”

Rachel: Lil, do we serve water with our whiskey?
Lil: Only water I serve’s got barley and hops in it. Hey everybody, do we serve water in this bar?
Everybody: Hell, no H2O!

^^ Funny story, when I was visiting some friends a month back, we were out at this bar and I originally had a 16miler scheduled for the next day, so I was keepin it sober (per usual) but I still wanted to hydrate for the run hahaa sooo I totally asked for water at the bar…and all my friends made fun of me and did the HELL NO H20 chant…I’m total lame sauce sometimes…

As for todaaaaaaaaay I road tripped it up back to school with Hollie da biggest baisssh evaaah. J slash kay. We have a lovely drive- it seriously went by so fast.

This morning I woke up at 8:30…I legit ALWAYS wake up between 6:50-730 AT THE LATEST. So when I woke up and saw my phone read 8:30 I was completely confused! I walked downstairs and shared my confusion with my parents…when they informed me that it was sort of “7:30’ not really 8:30 because of the spring forward business…aka I thought I for once in my life was able to sleep in…but in reality I did not at all…fail whale.

Whipped up one of these bad boys for lunch 😉 I love my “green” monsters with kashi.

Work out for ze day-

CROSS TRAINING! Holla. People you should be super dooper excited right meow… I did 45 mins on the elliptical and then did a circuit work out pow powwwwww.

I had to leave this cutie paatoootie back home 😦

(Um yes that is my ridiculous mess room…).

Tomorrow’s training plan calls for a complete rest day…I haven’t taken one since the day after the marathon so this will be mucho needed! Good thing I have tons of work that I didn’t do at all over break 😉


ps. this is what happens when you are an inexperienced baker…


Day 16 – A picture of someone who inspires you




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6 responses to “Lil, do we serve water with our whiskey?

  1. my goodness your heel looks sore! well done on the half marathon though, the most i can do is a 5k!

  2. Want a creepy story. I read your blog everyday on tumblr before here and think of awesome comments to say. But then have to hold back…eh hum don’t judge me please k bye.

    Your calves are so muscular! Running muscles all the way! I hope your heelish area gets better soon, that looks so painful erg, but the shoes are the

  3. haha I was wondering what the title was going to be about!
    sorry about your heel, but its good you are taking a rest day.
    Also, I have a scar from burning myself on the oven (actually its the same arm and spot as yours…weird)
    Happy monday!

  4. runyogarepeat

    Ouchy to your heel & arm!
    I was so sad to leave my dog when I came back to school cause she is my favorite & the best running buddy.

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