Snow Drift-1, Cait-0…

Lately, I’m going to be honest- stuffs been whack. If you read my tumblr, you will know about the drizma. I really don’t feel like going on about it here mainly because I want to stop thinking/writing about it. This being saaaaaaaaaaid I don’t know what to blog about today.eeeek. sorry guys- I’m a suber lameo tonight.


I had interning all morning which was good, I feel like I actually know what I’m going to be doing this summer!

Then this afternoon went and got coffee with my friend Andrew, who I happen to intern for his sister actually hahah. We chatted about how we think as parents age they get more crazy annnnnd that for parents, if they didn’t have kids they totally wouldn’t be together. Or maybe thats just my family, but seriously I think the only reason my parents are together is because they both complain about the other to me, instead of stressing and getting into fights with eachother…just doing my daughterly duties hahah!

Then went to the gym and had a GREAT running work out on the treadmill. I chose “random” (which I never do so it truly was “random” 😉 ) and afterwards I was trying to clear my head, think about some stuff so I took a drive to this hill I usually go to in the summer…welll bad idea today…As I was driving out of no where at the top of the hill I got stuck in a snow drift!!! BOOOOO!!!

Epic beyond Epic fail. But it was weird…like a sign or something… I don’t know… I had minimal service and managed to get some bars and called my dad to help me come dig my way out…eventually I got home.

Also my dad uploaded pictures off his camera from Mondays snow storm finally…check out my car in our driveway when I woke up Monday morning…

Okay so now that you’ve seen how awful the snow has been and how much I’m complaining about it, you now probably understand why I can not wait for spring and to be able to run outside and wear nothing. Wait what? no seriously running nakes will happen…okay by nakes i totally mean sports bra and tempos..but whateva.


Soooo- tomorrow my mom and I are going to go shoppinnggg not sure what I will get but I think it will cheer me up for sure 🙂



Day 12 – A picture of something you love

This lil cutie patoootieeeeeeeeeeeee!


I’m trying to do my best to cheer up! A mass blog stalking may do the trick…

Q- What do you do after you’ve had a bad day…or two???!



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4 responses to “Snow Drift-1, Cait-0…

  1. sorry to hear you are having a blah day! blog stalking always seems to help me haha
    And I thought spring was right around the corner…..whats with the snow!?!
    ps. I COMPLETELY understand the parental complaining.

  2. We can be sports bra twinnziess.

    and we will.

    I’m sorry about your snowbank. I hate the snow-seriously but I can’t wait to Eggplant it up.

    I’m going through withdrawal similar to other people I know…

    okay that was an inappropriate joke but I misss yewww.

  3. HOLY SNOW. Oh myyyyyyy. Sorry about the bad day.. hope everything gets better 🙂

  4. Amy @ countrystrong21

    Ah lovely snow banks. On the bright side at least you only got stuck and didn’t do any spinning in circles or flipping and such.

    Aw puppy 🙂

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